Why do my leaves look like this?

1st Welcome to the community 2nd sorry never saw that 3rd let me tag some growers @Covertgrower @MattyBear @BobbyDigital @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 you gentlemen have any ideas.

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Thanks for answering and thanks for passing it on

It feels like humps in the leaves

Can you get a pic of the whole plant? Also could you get us some details about your grow?
Try an answer as many questions as possible

  1. Indoor or outdoor - size of grow, tent, toom
  2. Origin of water.
  3. Otigin of seeds. seedbank, friedn, bag seed.
  4. Regular, feminized, or autoflower
  5. -Age of plant. Veg ot flower
  6. Method: Soil, Soil-less, Coco, Hydro, Aquaponics.
  7. Vessels: Pots, Raised bed, Hydro,(what type hydro)
  8. PH and TDS/EC of source water
  9. PH and TDS/EC of if mixed solution.
  10. Provided lighting: Power? LED, HID, Fluorescents, or other?
  11. Temperayitr; Day and Night
  12. Humidity; Day and Night
  13. Ventilation system; Yes/ No. Size?
  14. AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,: Yes or no.
  15. C02: Yes or no

Ozarka water
Seeds from a friend
Feminized auto
4 weeks in veg stage now
Soil ocean forest
Using gold leaf,cal mag, and fish shit
Maxsisun led and kingled
Temp day about 85 night 77
Humidity stays around 37%
AC and no co2
In 2x4 tent

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Also these are my other 2 plants and they are growing in the same tent

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Looks like possible edema. It’s something that can happen when the plant is up taking water faster than it’s transpiring. Don’t think I’ve seen it on cannabis before. Are the pots drying out before watering again?


I think Bobbydigital may be correct. I’ve also never seen on cannabis. May be a vapor pressure deficit issue.


Vapor pressure deficit means your tent is to dry ,which I agree 37% is far to low here’s a chart


@GreenSnek Can you please explain the chart?
Thank you.

It’s pretty simple match the temp to the plant stage of life to get the ideal high and low humidity

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Take room and leaf temp, a humidity reading, and plug those numbers into the VPD calculator to understand where you are as far a transpiration is concerned.

Maintaining the vapor pressure differential (VPD) between the room and leaf for the plant’s stage of growth will allow it to open and close the stomata so it can transpire.

Transpiration is the pump that allows the CO2-O2 gas exchange and moves nutrients and water throughout the plant. This pressure differential pump even allows the roots to absorb nutrients.

Exceeding VPD tolerance can cause the pump to run too fast or shut it off. Either case can result in disease and/or mineral deficiencies. — which is why you’re having problems.

After any VPD issues are resolved, then ensure your lights are set to proper DLI to optimize photosynthesis.

High intensity lights can be controlled so photosynthesis can create food and use the provided water and nutrients. Balance photosynthesis by providing the plant’s light requirements for the growth stage it’s in. The Photone app is a cheap and easy way to measure light with your phone. It will toggle between PPFD and DLI.

After adjusting lights recheck VPD (leaf, room, humidity). Find a balance between VPD (transpiration) and DLI (photosynthesis) by controlling the environment.

As the plant grows, adjust the environment balance based on the VPD and DLI requirements for the stage of growth the plant is in. This is a frequent task based on growth rate. Taking light, temps, and humidity readings and making adjustments are far more frequent than feeding or watering because the plant is always growing.

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