Why do leaves have spots like that

Hello friends, i have one question and need help if you can. Sorry for bothering. Have 2 feminized gorilla glue girls, same age, same seedbank. And same “problem” on leaves. First time i thout it were pests or some mites and i poisoned them twice. They are 11 weeks old. They both sprouted exectly 18 of april.they have no problem n growth, but have spots on leaves. Can you tell me why they are and is it of nutrients? Or water? I use general hydroponics trio nutrients. Here are pictures. Thanks you for your help and advice.

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Looks like a pH issue to me

We are all here to help people have successful grows.

I wouldn’t worry about a few blemishes here and there. The plant looks overall healthy.


Thanks for good news, almost every big leave has pots like that in the picture. :raised_hands:t4:

I couldn’t say for sure, but does kind of look like pests to me. Did you look under the leaves with a microscope? I’d do that before I ruled out pests.


That’s a bit more extensive than the pics show. I would check for bugs.


Good Morning :smiley:. I agree with the thoughts from above :point_up:. If you don’t find pests it could be from the leaves rubbing together. Have you had much of a breeze moving them around? That will cause blemishes on the leaves. :blush::v: