Why do I have high ppm? Help!

I’m six weeks in growing autoflowers. I planted in 3 gal fabric pots using fox farm happy frog
soil. I have not added any nutrients yet. The other day I started to notice some signs of deficiencies so I watered enough to test the runoff and the ppm was over 1200 on all 4 plants! How could this be since I haven’t added anything to the soil besides distilled water?

That’s normal for fox farms soils. With fox farms, I usually start feeding when there’s around 1000ppm left in the soil. So it’s about time to start your feeding regiment.


I just start feeding when I switch to flower when I use straight ffof. I have recently had good results with a combination of ffof and pro mix, blood meal and D.E. because ffof is known for gnats


I can attest to that.


Yeah I have found that a cup of Diatomaceous earth helps with a multitude of issues in my indoor grow I always mix one in my soil .


Do you top dress or mix in soil…DE

I mix a cup in when I open the bag in a tub.
I have found mold and a couple of other nasty surprises in soil even fox farms so I always fluff and check it before I use it . It also allows me to mix a couple TBS of azos and mykos to mix throughout


Oh and ALWAYS only food grade D.E.

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Thank You

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