Why do 90% of your seeds never sprout. seasoned grower not happy

I ordered power pack, high yield pack and several individual strains. So far, Gold Leaf and one Amnesia Haze sprouted and have grown to produce. I have been using seeds that practically jump out of the soil. after 3 to 4 days in water. I used the methods and products you have and still I look at your seeds, weak and white and some have even been hollow. I can drop seeds that are some Mexican strain given to me and they have not failed me. Those were free! SO, when I sent last email I described in details from my journal. So, I’ve received much in the way of good advice that I used even before this site. I really have spent a small fortune for fertilizers and seeds. Fertilizer Good… Most seeds… Bad. Processes are clean and practiced. I’ve varied all the ideas and even tried seed to soil, with heated grow pads. Nope dead too…, Different soils, no fertilizers used prior in new soils. Only the Gold Leaf comes up. tried the pure water, tried hydrogen peroxide 1- 10%, No luck. Lots and Lots of Extra work. My seeds I rcvd from a friend for free are dark and really have a close resemblance to Gold Leaf when mature. I hope not to be explaining all this again and again as in my past emails with a day wasted after each email. I just gave up till now, as I think about the hundreds of dollars lost so far. This entire site is really friendly and easy to work with. I really am wondering how the seeds integrity and seed choosing are processed. Not the same product I’m expecting as I read the words from Robert. Other growers say that is what they expect from sites they’ve ordered from. I say this site is so much healthier and different from others I read. Thanx, Russ

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@ILGM.Stacy can you help this grower out?

There is a germination guarantee so take advantage of it. ILGM will make it right.

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I feel your pain @russbuds. This refers auto seeds. Of the 25 I tried to germinate, 16 were successful, roughly two-thirds. A credit to ILGM all failed seeds were replaced or I received credit that was applied to my last order. A lot of effort and time goes into giving them a good start and when it doesn’t happen it is frustrating and can put you off schedule. ILGM service, warranty and people have been exceptional to deal with. I would not expect them to treat you differently.

I’m sorry to hear about the disappointing results.
Please send an email about this to our customer support team via our contact form here: https://shop.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/pages/contact

You will get help within 24 hours! :slight_smile:


@ILGM.Stacy that’s amazing customer service and I commend ilgm for standing by its product and stepping up for its customers!


The seeds I’ve germinated from ILGM are about a 90% germ to harvest rate. I did have an order of 5 gold leaf seeds that all failed to get past the seedling stage after tailed. I emailed ILGM customer support explains things and they simply send me 5 replacement seeds and the 2 I germinated from the replacement seeds are the fasted growing plants I’ve had so far.

I would suggest doing a slurry test of the soil your using to put the tailed seeds in as I ran into a problem awhile back using FF warrior light and didn’t check the PH of it and that caused me problems with getting them going. Previous bags of the starter soil was fine but that bag/batch was too low Ph of around 5.5 or so.


Thank you Stacy!

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ILGM always stand by their product