Why do 2 out of the 4 look weird

Ok so. Thse are 4 different plants . I took pics of the healthier ones to emphasize the differences…is this normal . Or is there something going on…the larger start looks darker and the leaves look kinda wrinkly…and the small one with issues the secondary leaves are looking droopy bad but they are not droops. They are verry firm just pointing down !
any input greatly appreciated new cultivator 20200831_142524|375x500

looks like one is just more developed than the others right now.


I don’t see anything that is particularly odd, I have had seedlings that looked much stranger that grew into excellent plants.

Others may have had different experiences so wait for more feedback before deciding…I would just continue if they were mine.


oh i wont be culling them they are autos lol . i was just wondering cus while i am new to growing myself ive seen several and been around them and all that . just never seen ones that looked i guess wrinkly not sure how to explain it lol . and tho it sounds bad u having worse looking and they did well makes me feel kinda better about these ty

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These are all different zkittles ,genetics are weird like that

one of the pics did not load . but yes for some reason the 6 seeds i started popped in pairs and 1 to 2 days apart so theres some difference in size. they just looked odd to me and someone else pointed out that they sometimes do that for no apparent reason ut gnerealy it doesnt rlly effect it so its cool with me. im new to cultivation so was just looking for input. the small one with pointing down lease is still bugging me a little. its still kinda runty compared to the other that popped same day but i figure ill just let it do its thing for another 3 weeks or so and how it is once they start to flower . they are gg autos from yall :slight_smile:

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Yup, a lot of reasons they will grow at different pace.

I have 12 white widow growing. All are from ilgm all planted same time etc. However several of them look completely different from each other. I am new also and cant explain it aside from genetics. Now if these were clones I would expect them all to be roughly the same. Some of them the leaves look totally different.