Why did my plant lower buds start to grow seeds?

Grown inside a tent… all feminized seeds… 3 plants growing 1 in center started making seeds during last couple weeks of flowering… why is that? Did it get pollinated from an unknown plant outside ?? Is that possible seeing as they are all inside and in environmentally controlled tent…:thinking::man_shrugging: top buds seem to have no seeds…

Anyone know why??:expressionless:

One of them probably hermied on you pollinating the others resulting in seeds


Could be a # of things. Environment, stress or light leak.

If it was just on a lower bud, my guess is light leak.


will the seeds be fem’s or dealers choice ?

If it was pollinated by a hermie I believe the seeds will be fem but carry the hermie trait So the seeds will have a high chance of herm on you Anyone correct me if I’m wrong


thats what i thought… i would plant em outdoors and keep an eye on them hate to throw out free seeds

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Dave is correct, if it was a light leak, they will just be fem.


Agree with @Dave101 and @Zee . Most likely a like leak. I don’t think those seeds will produce or make it to maturity. They seem really immature. Crawl inside your tent with the outside lights on, zip it up and check for light leakage. Silver foil tape will take care of any pin holes :love_you_gesture:


Thanks guys i bet it was light… i left the bottom open because it has been so hot here… i didnt know.it would create seeds i thought it wouldnt matter since it was almost finished flowering anyways… it was only the lower half of plant underneath that did this (mostly underdeveloped buds anyways) but it didnt affect the other 2 plants still on flush… they have no seeds…:man_shrugging:

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Thats great means i got about 60 fem chemdawg #4 seeds lol

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60 free “hermie probable” feminized (can you call it feminized when it’s likely to produce male genitalia later in life) chemdawg #4 seeds.

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If it was a light leak:)