Why did my hydro plant die

Was in DWC net pot was a inch or 2 from water. Last i checked tds was like 625 or something like that. Was under same lighting as my soil plants which are fine. I used 2 higher end air pumps for lots of bubbles. Its was 2 weeks old and the last week was bad. I followed the foxfarm schedule and measurements im just lost for why it did so poorly. No adj i made seemed to make a diffrence. I know my soil ones in the same environment same ww auto seed from ilgm are huge starting to smell also.

Maybe PH over 8 or under 4

@TegrityAl pictures would be best to understand the situation. Did you check your ph? 5.8 for hydro.

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That doesn’t seem right. I guess would depend on exactly which bottles you were using and which schedule. But full strength ff trio was quite a bit higher if I remember correctly. You could maybe check scale and calibration of your meter, among other suggestions above. I would also like to see pictures if possible.

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What were the symptoms of plant before it died ?

What system are you using ?

Was there enough air ? If not they droop like overwatering and die.
Ph should be 5.5 to 5.9 it’s what I stay at.

Are you new to hydro ?
Nutes at 2 weeks old ? I usually have 250ppm at 2 weeks.

Pictures would be best if you have them. But a system breakdown helps and a good explanation of what plant was doing would help for sure.
I’m a hydro grower and I’m sure I have enough seedling murders under my belt to help lol

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Yes i am new to growing in general especially hydro lol. It was a dwc and i had it ph’d correctly i think it was like 5.3 or so. Idk exactly i would have to check my journal. I can get pics also. Also i thought i was doi g right with nutes right away because the schedule advised to. Although my soil ones are not getting nutes because i have them in ff happy frog soil. Thats the only difference between the grows. The tds meter is brand new. It came precalibrated.

As for not enough air i made sure i had enough with one pump. Then i added another in case the first one went out.

By the root beginning is the remains of the rockwool plug it started in.

Btw water temp is fluctuating between 65 and 70 degrees. Haven’t had a bad temp read yet.

That plant isn’t dead but sure looks like its drowning.
Dont top water it and make sure water level is 2 inch below net pot. It has to have a space there because( add technical scientist statements here) it works that way.
The roots will grow out to touch the water. And usually I dont even have to top water small seedlings because the air bubbles splash water and dampen hydroton.

It looks like a cal/mag deficiency to me also. I use Jacks in my hydro, but have found I sometimes need to add a little more calimagic from General Hydroponics.CAL#01

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I think the little gal is very savable. Check out the pic and if you think I am on it add some cal/mag to the reservoir.

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Yeah i will try using cal mag the leaves look very similar to what you are showing me. Btw is hydroguard something i should be looking into?


I don’t use it myself, but many do use hydrogaurd. I have a chiller set at 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

I have much to learn good thing i have nothing but time.

Yup same here. As soon as you think you know something, another project comes along!! :wink: Went from 2x4 to 4x4 to 8x4 and now running all three with a space for veg outside of tents!!
Never get tired of trying new approaches.

Not trying to grow a lot. Trying to grow a little VERY well!

You do have me curious as to why its above a toilet. If you move hand away is there a hole cut in lid and a net pot lolz. If so. I found the issue

Would make it easy to Flush the system. Omg I want to do a toilet hydro grow now.

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Toilet hydro is very advanced! Don’t even get me started on nutrient adjustments!!! :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :rofl: :joy:

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Lol i use my bathtub for all water purposes. I haven’t got any kind of stationary tub or anything.