Why did I not have problems using MG?

My first grow was indoors starting in August with 4 autos. All 4 were in MG Organic X2

I had no problems with overabundance of nutrients like others here clearly have had. I believe they really did have these massive problems …but why not me?? How come?

I am genuinely interested in how this happened to go so right for me?

Here is a photo from that grow.

Round 2 is going on for me right now, I have 2 in MG again and 2 in FFOF to run as kind of an experiment.

Help me understand please.


:thinking:, Bottom right looks great, the other 3 not so good viewing from my old eyes?? Congrats on success using the MG, my 1st grow was MG and the challenge is the time released nutrients and not having the ability to control the release during watering for the different stages of growth. I’ve heard some will flush the MG medium several times before planting, usually because that’s all they can get their hands on or available :love_you_gesture:

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If I remember correctly I think I read that the MG Organic has LESS of the time released nutes as the standard yellow bag.
I think they said it was a 3 months supply in the organic vrs a 6 month supply in the yellow. I suppose if you veg for 6+ months you might get by with the yellow but that’s a whole lot longer than most indoor grows go.
Three months is more in line with what most growers do.
Half my outside girls were in re-used yellow bag MG that had grown tomatoes the year before and sat out all winter getting flushed by nature. I just loosened the soil up thoroughly and planted the seedling then used FF nutes. They did great!
But again, it was previously used and completely flushed out.

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You were fortunate to grow plants your first round that were relatively insensitive to the PH crash all MG soils deliver. The downside to using MG successfully is also after cure as it does a pretty good job of making your flower harsh to smoke.

If you continue with MG soil you will inevitably run into major issues.

I would also suggest that these same plants run in a cannabis-friendly medium would have yielded better flower than grown ones grown in MG.


Yeah - i ran Happy Frog in the tent and had a ton of issues with that!
I’m using Mother Earth’s Coco/Peat for my current grows and am loving it!
It has a lite nute pre-charge and is nice and fluffy straight out of the bag.
Great results so far!


I love that growers do side by side experiments! So amazing to see “grower” science.

Unfortunately I grow different strains each grow to find what the family likes.


Running a similar medium with Coast of Maine Stonington Blend on some photos, a little more nutes than light. Slurry was about 850-1000 PPMs. Definitely a transplant medium for me, a little hot for my autos that are in FF Coco Loco and flourish :love_you_gesture: