Why can't I purchase anything from this site even though they send me relentless ad emails?

I receive emails every single day from IlGM about sales are having, however they seem to have deleted my account, yet they still have my email, and I am no longer able to purchase anything. I created a new account a few minutes ago, and when I go to login, it no longer works. Does anybody have any ideas?

Think there’s an issue right now. Someone else posted yesterday about this.

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It’s been going on for months. I tried logging in quite a while ago but got the same bullshit so I waited a couple of months and tried again. Has anyone been able to place orders recently?

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Yeah I ordered last week & got e-mails that the order was placed & that my payment was accepted.

They did have to switch platforms a few months back. You may need to create a new account.

Weird. When I look at the site I have no option to add anything to my cart.

Are u going on ilgm seeds or this forum. U can click the sales adds in here and it will take u to their seed site. Make an account and log in make sire u gather up points and are logged in to keep info logged for yourself. They have bud of the month contests here and u need purchase order numbers to enter. Good luck welcome and i hope u get some seeds

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Use that link. If it’s not letting you purchase it’s mostly likely because your connection is untrusted.

Do not click marks link. Delete that…

Hmmm. Wonder why it changed the web on it. I alway type that in takes me right to it. I just clicked it and it took me somewhere diff wonder why.

You clicked the link I gave you? That took you to the site if you click in the top left corner and hit forum, it brings you directly back here?

It’s just. ilgm dot com

They had to change it from the long name. That’s the change

In the google bar i just type ilgm seeds Nd it takes ne to their site. I type ilgm forum it brings me here but when i put the site here and clicked it it took me to a diff site not their seed shop wonder why i was there just before i put it in this thread. Dont nake sense why it went to something else not even close to ilgm anything lol

Links work like the internet before smart phones and search engines integrated into address bars. Like us old folks who used to have to type https://
Then www.
Don’t even have to do that now.

Anyone else remember askjeeves? Who would’ve thought Google would come out on top. Lol. But yeah. Whatever you type as a link is where it’s going to take you. It’s going assume you imply https://www. If you don’t add something different before you input your address with ending of (dot) com/gov/u,/w/e. But an address is an address. So if you just wright the address wrong, your taxi is going to the wrong house.

I’ve been trying on the regular page. I’ve purchased from them in the past with great results. I tried the link you gave me it’s exactly the same as I’ve been trying.

I can’t log into my account.
I can’t start a new account. It won’t let me.

When I click on a product, I get what seems like all the usual info, but there is no option of putting them in my cart.

Everything I try is like being caught in an endless loop. I’ve sent a couple emails so hopefully I’ll hear something in a couple of days.

I’m begining to think it could be my 7 year old iPhone dosent work with their new software or something like that.

Where in the world are u located. Usa europe ect