Why can't I get the hang of using a scrog net!

Hey everyone. I have no clue on how to effectively use the most simple of tools in my growing arsenal, a scrog net. I try to use it but my plants don’t seem to get tall enough to tuck or weave through the net. I now have a lovely Durban Poison that would benefit from a scrog net. My problem is do I start with the branches under the net or over the net? I see on video the branches are clipped or tied to the net. I know I’m making this harder than it has to be. I don’t want to mess up the plant. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.


There are many ways to use a SCROG net.
Here is how I do it…
When the plants are 3 - 4 inches taller than the desired net height, I install the net. I then bend all of the tops that extend above the net so that the net is holding them down.
I let the plant grow for a few days and when the tops extend 3 - 4 inches above the net I bend and tuck them under the net spreading the growth out as it grows and I tuck.
I continue with this until the net is about 75% filled then I flip to flowering light schedule (12/12) and continue to tuck for 7 days. I then let them grow vertically.
@Myfriendis410 and @AfgVet may have some additional or different techniques to share with you.
There are quite a lot of folks here that are very good at training their plants to a SCROG net.


No right or wrong way my friend.
You are over thinking it…

Just use the net to spread out the plant the best you can.
Absolutely any way you can.


What kind of scrog are you using?
Do you have pictures?

As mentioned, many different ways to scrog as well as, many different materials to make a scrog with.

Some bend and tie and some pull under and tuck under.

I personally do whatever it takes to keep all of the plant growing up at the same time which incorporates pinching, bending, tying, tucking, just whatever it takes.

Good luck! And, keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


2nd that :point_up:


Dont feel bad. I tried them and found i love walking around in my tent too much…grin. you will be led down the right path by these folks.


It takes a bit of time to fill a scrog net up in a good way. Definately alot of hands on with the plant. I’m still learning a bit but getting the hang of it. Let it grow and fill like half the space u have there then slam a bet over it and tuck everything under the net and leave it be. Keep net secured toght so it don’t move. It’s gonna hold the plant down from here on out. Then leave it grow a week or so and retuck everything under the net into spots that are still open to fill those areas in. Once u have the net so full flip to flower and tuck for a week to 2 weeks more then stop and let it grow from there. Sofar I am doing ok I believe as there is a ton of bud on it. 2x2x4 tent 2x 135 rspecs 1x uva and 1x far red bulb gorilla glue photo


I pretty much do what @merlin does, most of the time. It’s a scrog, there’s really no set way of doing it. Letting the stretch fill the screen is the key for me


I think I got it.


Good deal! Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

Maybe @Newt can help? Wait til you see his!!

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I haven’t really SCROGGED. My current grow was all LST, and then I dropped the frame/net over the buds. But the idea is the same, you want to flatten the growth of the plant,so that instead of a single main cola, they are multiple colas.