Why can't I edit my comments or posts?


New members do not get to edit posts. Some of you have not earned permissions to edit ro do other functions as older members.


I earned my editor badge and I’ve been editing, but I can’t now.


Ok that’s what I figured but it will pop up a message every once in a while @Majiktoker stating I should do so because I’ve posted to much on one thread ? Hahhahaha no big deal was wondering that’s all
@latewood I believe they are referring to editing there own posts To make a correction ?
I don’t have a issue my self


OK this is strange!
Accidently hit the log out button a few minutes ago. Went to go log back in and I couldn’t remember the password I used for this site. (constant problem I always have) Reset my password and logged back on and noticed I can now edit my posts again.

Just did it four times.
And yes I’m still a Basic user

When should I top this plant?

I’m going to try that.
By golly, it worked!! :grinning:
Thanks, Rugar!
Everyone who is unable to edit needs to try that. Just log out and log back in. You don’t have to change your password, unless you have forgotten it like Rugar… :joy:


So glad I hit the logout button by mistake! :wink: @Lornakins


Sorry everybody. my servers have been down since the 1st of June and I could not access email to review all the replies and goings on ion the forum. Everything is back up, and I am going through 5 pages of emails.

If you replied to a topic expecting my advice; It is forthcoming. Give me some time to catch up. Thanks for your patience. latewood :slight_smile:

Adding to Dumme’s post. Once you make it to level 2 you can edit. If you lag behind on your activity, dropping below the level requirements, the software will place you back to level 1 and you lose the ability to edit and any other function that level 2 or 3 allows.

As far as the images being sideways. We think this is a “phone issue” not a PC issue. We have sent a support ticket to the tech team at Discourse in order to have this issue resolved. All we can do now is wait. Thanks. lw


To fix sideways pictures crop them I believe it is phone issues as well not the server