Why can't I edit my comments or posts?


@Countryboyjvd1971 No. I used to, but not anymore.


Wired guys I still have it on mine ?


I don’t actually remember exactly where it was. But it was there somewhere.


I can’t edit either??? Hmm


And yours is on the lower left, CB? I have always had to click on the 3 dots and the pencil comes up under that with the other options.
Now, I’m getting a notice telling me that I have replied to you too many times and I need to send you a personal message. HUH??? WTH?


Lucy, LUCY! You have sum splainin to do! lol


@Countryboyjvd1971 Do personal messages work on this board when you have a high enough privilege level?


:joy: :joy: :joy:

I was wondering about that personal message thing too. How do you do that?


I have no idea. I was wondering if it was completely disabled for this board, or if we just didn’t have a high enough user privilege to use it yet.


Ive tried signing out etc, nothing seems to work. All good tho still love the site:)


I don’t have access to sending? Not sure why I’ve been around for a minute now lol @Rugar89
Wish they did
@Majiktoker when do you get this privilege? To pm others ?


Once I post a comment yes it there on lower left I use my phone or tablet @Lornakins
Maybe there’s a difference between ph and Mobil devices ?
I get that one as well but pms don’t work hahahhaha?


I’m on a laptop computer, so that’s the difference in where the pencil is located. I should have thought of that.
Lol, yeah… I get told to pm you because I’ve replied to you too many times, but I can’t do that. :laughing:

@TokersHaven Yeah, I love this site too… none better than this! All the help you need, right at your fingertips. :+1:


It was on the left on my phone but no more…I also got the editor badge but no more pencil to hit to edit…


You cannot pm other people that was removed about 1-2 months after I joined


Alrighty then. So we just need to ignore that message that pops up telling us we have replied to someone too many times and we need to PM them instead… lol!! And since I can’t edit my comments, then I have no choice but to ‘reply’. :grinning:


Looks like he has the same privileges as us, but has edited this post twice?


No editing here sorry. It says I did, but what I did was try and delete the post, and re write it, as i couldn’t edit it. (Pick was ment to be pic(l)

But when i deleted it, it just said ‘this will be deleted withing 24h’ (or similar), so I undid the delete.

Hense why it says edited twice. 1.Delete, then 2 un delete.


Though I’m sure 3 weeks ago when I joined (give or take) I could edit. I’m sure there was the option.


@TheDuke Thanks for clearing that up. It looked as if you had edited it twice.