Why can't I edit my comments or posts?

Can someone tell me why I can no longer edit my comments on my post? When I click on the the dots that bring up options, the little pencil is no longer there. I have refreshed the page and even closed out the site and opened it again, and I still don’t have the edit option on my post.

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It’s not available to me on this post either. :question:

hmm… I can edit still. Maybe it’s a permissions issue? @garrigan62 Not sure who handles that?

I was wondering if maybe you are only allowed so many edits for a certain time period or something, kinda like replies and likes when you are new. I used to edit my comments just fine on the post that you have been helping me with, but not anymore. When I click the 3 dots, it only brings up share, flag, bookmark and delete.

And that includes this post also.

I thought I read a few days ago where that had been fixed? Think I seen it on the sideways photos thread. :disappointed:

Nope, I cant edit either.

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Good to know then that it’s a problem with the site since I’m not the only one. Apparently, it is affecting only some of us and not everyone. Thanks, Rugar! :relieved:

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@BIGE @Countryboyjvd1971 can you guys edit your posts today?

I had the same problems as all of you… @latewood was the person to fix my issues… maybe he can help here as well… :wink:
Thank you in advance @latewood

:v: :sunglasses:

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i believe i can…
yes,i can bob…

Have not been able to for a couple of days now, you not alone my friend!

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I thinks it’s a user based permission that got changed recently. Let’s see what @garrigan62 can figure out!


got a problem editing do ya? You shouldn’t… At the end of each there are 3 I-con’s the one with 3 dot’s is the one you click looks like this … but it only appear’s after you hit reply by clicking those 3 dots you should be able to edit you last post…

if that dosn’t work let me know and i’ll get to the bottom of it.

Even though I didn’t get any of those " BABY BACK RIBS " LMAO


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You made my mouth water at the mere mention, Will. @garrigan62 lol. Next time I will make enough for everyone! Lmao!

I can edit but it looks like our newer users can’t. Looks like user permissions for the site?

My little pencil (edit) is right where it always was!

I didn’t know or realize that it was for a new member. they have to earn there way up as in ,…posting…giving likes and so on and then after a while they will get bumped up to where they can do alot of things…they have to earn their way up

P.S I was just kidding about the ribs or was I…hhhhmmmmmm


@garrigan62 I’ve only been a member for 26 days, but I’ve been able to edit my posts up until a few days ago. I even have a badge that I got for editing a post.

And I got that badge nine days ago.


Was on the phone with Latewwood Admin. and he wants you to contact him.
No worries, he will explain to you what mite be going on.


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How would I go about contacting him? Sorry about the noob question since there isn’t a PM box. Should I just tag him in a post somewhere? If so where? Or maybe just tag him here? @garrigan62 @latewood