Why can't I delete an item on an order?

I decided to cancel an item on a recent order, but there seems no easy way to do this (boo!)

The way the ordering is locked in is infuriating. I was told that Amsterdam will “get back to me” sometime next week.

I’ve spent nearly $1k USD on these seeds over the years, and this is the first time I’ve had any trouble. There are clones available locally - get with it, ILGM, or you will lose a customer.

I’m confused. Did you order something and then change your mind?

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Yes. After I placed an order for two strains, I decided that one was a mistake. I’ve not sent any payment, and if the folks in Amsterdam can’t get this straightened out I’m done with this outfit. I’ve bought a thousand bucks worth of seeds from ILGM over the last few years, guess that counts for nothing. I’m going to visit my favorite hydro store today, they have clones available.


Ha ha an email from ILGM appeared in my inbox just now. Looks like ILGM support will help.



They usually do. Patience is key in all of this…


Glad they going to help you out my freind.
We all get frustrated sometimes, just burn one, take a dab or be like me and dab a few while you burn one :relaxed:
Im sure they will fix it, needs to be an option to cancel though up until you have paid at least.
I can see how that would be very frustrating when navigateing seed purchases are not always the easiest transactions to complete sometimes…


So you didn’t order anything and there’s nothing to cancel. Or am I missing something?