Why buds are growing funny


Hi everyone I am currently growing some banana kush and some of the plants the buds are growing in individual small parts rather than a nice solid bud and was wondering if anyone knows why this happens? Thanks


Can u post a pic please


Good to see another kiwi in here cheers mate IMG_20190301_085545|375x500


I can’t get the link to work , to post pics go to message and push the bottom right button the select pic :+1:t4:


That’s what I did but I’ll try again 1551385333054-287126402|375x500


I can’t seem to get the link to work either but some are growing in individual small thin pieces like a Xmas tree and some are nice normal solid buds. I have had this problem before and I’m losing a lot of weight in the ones growing funny compared to the others.


When you put up the picture; wait until you see it in the preview before posting.


Thanks I’ll try again.IMG_20190301_094300|375x500


It come up with 100% downloaded then u can post


If you can’t see the picture it hasn’t completed uploading. Wait until it is visible before hitting enter.


@Myfriendis410 I never see picture when I do it , comes up downloading then saved


I don’t get any picture just the number for it and it says it’s 100%downloaded so I’m not sure what to do about it but I’ll give it a try again thanks IMG_20190301_094300|375x500


Oh, okay; you are using a phone. @Countryboyjvd1971 any ideas?


Wait for the pic to completely upload… and wait for it to say saved after 100% …


@GreenCoat. We’re did u disappear to?


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I quite enjoyed your threads to be honest :shushing_face:


sounds like fox-tailing, probably due to heat build up from poor air circulation and/or ventilation.!


I was thinking it sounded like popcorn buds. I guess we’ll have to patiently wait for pictures!