Why bokashi? Why not?


Why bokashi?
Why not?
Pretty cool stuff

Screw on lid for use common 5 gallon buckets for airtight seal to DIY bokashi compost container.

$7.40 each

Food grade!



Well I’ve purchased 2 - 5 gallon food grade buckets and 2 sealing lids from Home Depot yesterday so I will be ready when my order from http://www.teraganix.com arrives Monday so I can start recycling all my food scraps to make compost soil. There are other places such as amazon that offer similar products to use but after some research I found that this company offers the Bokashi organically where others are not.
They have a BOGO special running through the end of February 2019 here. http://www.teraganix.com/dealoftheday.asp
Also shipping is free!

I will post additional info as this project develops.


Hope this helps



I wanted to share this with ya, I grew up on the veggie fram and the soil we grew in was the best any where around. You could dig with a pointed shovel two feet down and still not hit gravel.


And this is one reason why you have the appreciation you do for keeping things as natural as possible and letting Mother Nature’s millions of years of design to do the heavy lifting!
Go Organic! Lol


If the old man wasn’t such an ass I would have been there to take over, but wasn’t to be. But boy I learned a lot I can say that for sure.