Why are top leaves turning purple


I’m one month into flower with this chocolate skunk and she started showing signs of nitro def. I’m working on that this week and notices some only a few of the top smaller leaves turning purplish blue. Help please

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Typically signs of phosphorus deficiency.
It can be from a lock out, or from dipping temps. Some strains get more purple than others.
I’m not sure of your pH, or what you’ve been adding. Since you’ve also got some nitrogen def, I’ll guess if you’ve been feeding regularly it’s a little locked out. When was your last flush and what are your runoff ppms?
It’s a bit soon, (4weeks) for that kind of purpling normally. I don’t usually see it until week 5-6.


I’m using happy frog. I try to give different nutes on different days every week (half doses) so it gets the full spectrum of nutes. Just started having these problems in flower
So nitro once or twice a week then P and K the other two all with calmag but I would add fish shit to p& last feeding and silica or liquid karma with P. I also have been having trouble getting the ph of the soil to change at all. Been trying to give water around 6.0-6.3 trying to bring down the soil but no luck.


Are you flushing or just watering at proper PH? Flushing with proper PH water(no nutes) at 5x container size is the only way to equalize PH. According to your post, you have 5-6 weeks to harvest. Could be phenotype, nitro def or temp related. I had a White Widow Auto turn purple like that with cooler temps outdoors. What are your temps?

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It also sounds like you are over complicating the grow. Stay with one brand nutes or you will be forever chasing your tail.


If you feed at half strength which is what i do you can feed 3x a week but have to water inbetween because it’s harder for the plant to always be feed every time in soil leads to lock up and loss of yeild. I would flush with sledgehammer or something like that and ph your water an test your runoff till you get the right ph. Then feed water water feed or how ever you want but there’s several feeding schedules on here but you also have a schedule for your nutrients. I use fox farm nutrients i feed Monday, Wednesday, Friday and water Tuesday and Thursday for example
Hope this helps you good luck

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I am just watering at proper ph. My temp is between 63-67. 30% rh. It’s hard because all these different nutrients and the places you buy them make it seem like you need all these different things for a successful harvest. I was considering getting terps as well for flavor and aroma.

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What is the runoff ppm ideal at? I have been using the botonicare line for all my products.


When you guys add nutes what do you put in? I know calmag every time but do you use any flowering food in veg? And how long into flowering do you add veg food? This is only my second grow so I’m still doing a lot of tuning.


i never use calmag. i only use fox farm and i go by the ff schedule, only use 1/4 strength never more than that. i also use the ff ocean forest but dont start the seedlings in it because that soil will burn them. start them in peat pellets and it all works out well


Ok for your ppm that is going to be funny because that will depend on the nutrients your using. They should have it on their website if not follow their schedule and test it and write it down so when you test the runoff you can get a idea of how hungry or full your plant is.
I use 2 tablespoons of Epson salt to once every 3 or 4 weeks on a water day instead of calmag but you don’t need to give it to your plant every time either.
I have the full fox farm nutrients line that is what i use and yes you will feed all the way through your grow. I use pro mix soil vegetable and herb mix with manure and bone and blood meal with worm casting too. I also use a table spoon of myconize when transplanting. I took alot of pictures and notes on my grow journal
6 strains of fun hope this helps you get a better idea of how you can dial in your grow


That will do it. With some strains low to mid 60’s will bring out the purple.

I don’t use cal mag regularly, unless my plants start showing signs of deficiency


Embrace it :sunglasses::facepunch:t2: