Why are they doing great but they look like indica leaves?



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Hello there, I started 3 of my 5 seeds 12 days ago. They are doing great but they look like indica leaves. :thinking: Respectfully, Rita Costanzo


Alot of the beans are mixed hybrid of indica and setiva mixed to make a certian gene dominant, however every plant can look grow and act different than one from the exact same kind of beans. Nothing to be concerned about these big leaves hold lots of energy for her. As the plant matures and grows the leave size wI’ll deminish


absolutely correct and many hybrid strains express 1 trait in veg and another in flower


Thank you!! I was just worried because they are Amnesia Haze and I’ve never actually grown a sativa. They are healthy lil ladies!! :heart_eyes::seedling::muscle:t3:


I have sativa-dominant seedlings that look like lettuce, the leaves are so big LOL!


@Donaldj hey man if some sativa dominant hybrids look indica during veg and then as flowering starts they start showing more sativa genes would the end result be more towards sativa right??


My lettuce lol

Three weeks old.


The dominance comes out as they mature so during flower leaves get longer and more skinny but hybrids can express so many different ways. Very few strains are pure so you tend to get a mix of traits designed picked to complement each other


thanks @Donaldj. so fascinating! :+1::handshake:


I thank you for sharing your journal! please keep updates of your grow for me! I look forward to this one, im tagging along if you dont mind


I have learned a lot from my grow last summer, I decided that I would, say if I planted 3 seeds from the same batch, grow them as individuals ie I, II, III just to see what would happen. Boy was I in for a surprise! One was a male so bye, bye birdie, the 2 that were left were girls and they couldn’t have been more different, actually I had 2 such sets the other were both f and again two totally different plants. Was there a specific reason about it being an indica? They are beautiful and healthy play it through you may be surprised. :woman_farmer:t4:


I grew an unknown bag seed that started out very indica - short with enormous leaves. But she ended up being the tallest at 5 feet :v: