Why are these feminized autoflower Amnesia Haze full of seeds?

4 of 5 feminized autoflower Amnesia Haze sprouted and grew until a few of the tricromes began to turn amber.

Dried for a week and then cleaned up and trimmed.

Surprise! All 4 plants were full of seeds and did not have any full buds.

After drying but before any cure the weed smoked OK with a nice buzz.

What gives?


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It’s my understanding is there are only a handful of reason
1.male-female pollenation (doesn’t have to be weed pollen either)
2.hermie from rhodelisation

@Myfriendis410 @Hogmaster could help I bet.

Environment can play a role and so can genetics. Seeds created by a hermaphrodite are more prone to passing along the trait. Autos left to mature too long with spontaneously seed (happened to me)


The four plants had two distinctly different phenotypes. One dark green and one quite yellow. This is from one of the green ones.

If they were all seeded like that I would think they were pollenated because one speck of pollen makes one seed. Were they indoor in a tent? If so one may have hermied @Myfriendis410 when yours produced its own seeds was it that many seeds or just a few?

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In my case I had 4 autos and a photo. 3 of the autos developed seeds. One of them quite a few. The photo had none along with one auto. All side by side.