Why are these buds not getting big?

I checked trichomes with jewelers loop, they seem a lot cloudy w some clear. But these buds are just scrawny and thin, it kind of looks like foxtailing but idk if it is. They don’t look like normal fat buds. Shouldn’t they be thickening up by now if the trichomes are going cloudy? I feed every day about a half gallon of nutrients GH 3 part series w cal mag. Is that not enough nutrients? I always see a good bit of runoff.

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Is this an auto?

How many weeks has the plant been flowering?

The runoff should be checked for both PPM and pH. Your PPM target is 1,000 and your pH target is in the range 6.3 to 6.8. It is very important to manage these for good plant health.

The flowers are not mature enough yet to begin looking at trichomes. Begin looking at the trichomes when all of the white pistils have browned and receded.

The flowers will continue to bulk up until about the 8th week of flowering. At that point there will still be a couple of weeks to go yet before the flower is ripened for harvest.


Yes sir

Thank you. Will definitely start monitoring ppm I’m growing in coco so I usually go for around pH 6.0


That’s a good pH for coco. But those buds are very immature. Give her a bit more time and keep us posted here.

Good luck!

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There’s your primary answer right there. Autos have a tendency to jump right into flower for very silly reasons. Even though the buds will get denser and more full, the plant itself will not gain any significant size. Did you transplant by chance? Or was this a one pot grow? Did you apply any low stress training or supercropping?

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Another possibility is that the ruderalis is showing in the bud structure. I’ve seen these bud formations and even worse with autos. Bruce banner and gg4 were pretty bad when I ran them.


A growmie of mine bought GG auto seeds on my recommendation b/c I grew an 8 oz plant that was all of 2 feet tall. He got the weird bud thing, grew a monster (for a tent) plant, and got like 1/2 oz of smoke.

I was very embarrassed. I still have 4 seeds of the GG and I’m hoping they act like the first one I grew.

I just finished a BB auto, she had normal buds thank goodness but major foxtails too, no matter what I did with the light. It’s fine, but what a pain trimming foxtailed buds.