Why are the trichomes not turning amber on auto

This is my first experience with auto seeds so I am not sure if not seeing any amber trichomes is normal. The two strains are Lowryder and Amnesia Haze. Today marks 12 weeks since they germinated. This website indicated 9-12 weeks but does that mean from the time they germinated or when they began to bloom? I took a sample from one of the lowryders and it very strong even though I was seeing only cloudy trichomes. Even when I look at the plants with the naked eye I can see a tremendous amount of snow with a few sparkling trichomes.

Some pictures would help

sample? If you are happy that is what counts, but eventually you will see amber and be even more happy.

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You won’t be able to see the trichomes because I use a pocket microscope x100 magnification. I don’t have one that is hooked to my computer and a normal lens won’t show much other than a bunch of white powder. The calyx is super dense and tough which to me looks more mature than any of my past grows with feminized seeds (non auto) In general, do auto’s show less amber trichomes? I am curious because this is so different for me.

We did like the sample. It was more potent than any of the non autos that I have grown. They just look so darn old as far as any of the other factors that shout mature. I am worried that I will miss the boat and let them go too long which would have an adverse effect on potency. Is it possible for the two strains of auto, never to show amber?

Haze plant is probably 9-12 weeks of flower, so deduct your veg time from that. They are notoriously little longer flowering strain. Not sure about lowryder, never messed with them. I would agree pics would help. Don’t really need to see trichs, just overall condition of plants.

I planted them on November 4th but I never even made note of when they began their initial stages of flowering. I am going to guesstimate that they showed early signs at about 4 weeks…give or take a week. So that means that they are only in week 10. That helps a lot! I probably have two more weeks. Here is a picture of the lowryder cola. Most of the fan leaves have



Looks great! I still see a lot of white pistils on her, which means still packing some weight. Once you see those receding keep close eye on trichs, they’ll start to turn more rapidly.

I think you’re in pretty good shape, just plan on a couple more weeks or so.


Thank you for your help…these are going to be crazy good. I can’t even imagine. I forgot to mention that their light cycle was really screwed up in the beginning! I was out of town for 2 weeks and had someone else tend to them…which they did but they know zero about growing them. Therefore, they just did not notice that the lights were off 24/7…omg. The surge protector was broken! My buddy said…you told me not to mess with the lights…which I did…lol. Anyway, I am shocked that they have gotten to this point. I was thinking that they would show male characteristics but they never did. So I am still a little concerned about what that lack of light for 2 weeks did to their development. They were about two weeks old when they experienced this lack of light.

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Looks like they powered through just fine.

My amnesia haze went 14 wks

I am going to provide pictures of my non autos that I am also growing. They were also planted on November 4th and I cut the photo period to 12/12 three weeks ago. They are in the initial stages and they look like they are unfortunately hermaphrodites. They are super skunk and gold leaf (feminized). My battery is charging right now so I will send later…thanks

Thank you I am almost there!

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Well I took the pictures with my phone and then the phone died so I could not upload the pictures. I was looking very closely and the non autos have the round sac with two raised hairs protruding from the tip. This is at several internodes and on one side. Then there are female characteristics on the other side. The light period did mess with these but not the autos which I find interesting. I can’t change anything this time so I will chalk it up to a learning experience.

Calyx are often confused for pollen sacks. That’s why i would’ve liked to see pictures. But there’s also a lot of things that can stress a plant into herm too.

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My phone is old and it won’t let me attach a photo but I will try with my tablet. I don;t understand why I am having such a hard time identifying the sex of the plants. I hope that it is just swollen calyx sites rather than male sacs. It has confused me because I would have thought that the autos would turn on me if I had herms in the room.

I just took a look at an informative article and it shows that the one difference in differentiating between a calyx and sac is that the sac actually has a stem at the base. Mine do not have a stem. They are rounded at the base. I am very happy about this if in fact that is a good way of telling.

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I know this is blurry but what does everyone think

Without more info or better pics, I’d say you have a ph issue or they are under fed.

for sure, or both.