Why are the leaves like this?

This plant had a slow start, it sprouted and had a red stem but didn’t open for about a week, on the day I was going to pull it it opened, so I let it go. It grew only 3 leaves for the longest time and the leaves always had this weird frosted look and it was quite slow growth at first. It went from an experiment to my favourite plant, it just wouldn’t give up and it started to grow like it had been mainlined with 2-4 main stems shooting off. It’s OG Kush Auto, I’m growing in soil, indoors, under led and it’s just moved into bloom. The ph run off is just on 6 And it grows very vigorously and even, it’s a great plant. I’m more curious than anything if anyone had seen this before.

This is the base, I never trained it all.



Ya that’s crazy isn’t. I have had the same think happen to and it’s happing again on my current grow .
I have two both are the same strain Gold Leaf. They are both so far be hind that I was going to trash them when I remebered what happened before so I gave them life. I’em sure they wil out grow the other given the chance.
It’s all genetics my friend

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Many of the seeds available now are hybrids. Think “Frankenstein” experiments.
Most will follow the game plan. Some will do their own thing.
In your case…the plant is suffering. The leaves should not have discolored patches. Maybe the PH is off …OR…something in the nutes.

Others will offer more detailed assessments.


I have 2 blueberry autos in the same container do it also.

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