Why are my yields taking so long and are not very big


I’ve grown several plants and always get an average of 10-12 grams. I’m growing Crystal now and just got the same result. My buds don’t get full and long they are more just like flowers and pods. This one took almost twice as long as it should have to get as full as it did. No complaints on quality at all. But quantity is becoming a big concern. I’m using 4 blue/red LED lights that are supposed to be just for this and have plenty of space. Do I need even more light? What’s the most common cause of small yields?


Definitely some pictures will help us to see what you have. Definitely is a low amount of mj. Tell us more… Nutrients /light system /soil, pots,…


Which lights specifically? I’d guess you don’t have the lighting to produce much more


Between lighting, and the size of container their in, and nutrients, all affect your end results. Pictures would be helpful of your set up. @Chad88


Probably not enough “powerful” light. You’ve got to have minimum 35 watts per square foot with LEDs. I have 850watts covering 20sq ft. (4’ x 5)’ And It’s barely enough. These lights need to be really bright above the plants all the way out to the edge.




I have 4 of these lights on the tree. Advance nutes. Grow micro and bloom as well as big bud and bud candy.


it doesn’t make sense to nit pick every little detail of your grow, you don’t have enough light partner. And to add, bulbs that small will do better when they’re a lot closer.


Would this be too much for my setup?


That light is only 185watts. It still isn’t big enough for you. For $120 to $140 you can buy several different 600w (actually 300watt) lights on Amazon. Look at the specifications to see the actual wattage draw. The lights you currently have, you would need at least 20 to give you enough light to grow under. I use 8 of those on my seed starter. If you want good yield, you’re going to need more light. @dbrn32 and @1BigFella are the most knowledgeable about this.


It really depends on what you plan to do. Tent looks rather large, how big is it? How many plants do you plan on growing? And what kind of yield are you expecting to get?

Your lighting will and should be the most expensive part of building your grow room. You can disregard most of the advertising you’ll see with budget grow lights. As @skgrower pointed out, it’s better to follow the lights actual specifications instead of their catchy bold titles.


What the light situation comes down to is 35 watts per square foot to vegetate, 50 watts per square foot to flower. And those have to be real watts drawn from the wall that you have to pay for, not some marketing BS like calling something 1000 watts or 2000 watts when it is much much less.

So how much weed do you really want to grow? Having plenty of room doesn’t help if you only want to spend a few hundred on lights and not much for electricity. People manage to get by for personal use with a 3’ x 3’ tent and 450 real watts of light, or even a little smaller with a 400 watt HPS bulb. I just did that and got about 7 ounces of dry NL buds. More experienced people using better nutes, medium, and LST get even more. (I know medicine, biology, programming, and electronics, but am a real newbie at growing weed.)

So first think about how much weed you need about every six months. Then plan your tent, chamber, big cardboard box, or whatever to grow that much. (I got 7 ounces in 7 square feet.) It’s important not to make it too big, because then you need more lights and have a higher electric bill. I see you already have a big tent, so you can shrink the plant area using big sheets of cardboard painted white.

Then get lights, enough to have 50 watts per square foot and REAL watts. That will heat up your tent even if they are LEDs or COBs, so you need a exhaust fan at the top to get rid of that. It looks like you have that.


Thanks guys, I’m about to boost my lighting situation and run it again to see what happens. And just to express my situation, I’m just running one plant at a time. My time spent in the tent is limited and plus I want to stay as incognito as possible. So I’m wanting to get the most bang for each run that I can. I appreciate the help. I will update the situation in a few months. Here’s what I just harvested tho


If you only intend on running one plant at a time the square footage of your tent means nothing. Visualize more of how large you want your plant to be. You can harvest about every 12 weeks or sowith a smaller plant and fast flowering strain. Or keep them vegging longer and push harvests out to something more like 20 weeks and have a larger harvest. Longer veg means bigger plant which will need more light. Using different growing methods, there’s probably 20 different ways you can look at it. Each will require different amounts of light. If you don’t plan on doing a lot of training, the light you posted above is decent. If you want to run your plant out and get a large pull from it, I’d consider something a little bigger or maybe a couple of smaller lights.

If you’re somewhat handy and want to save some $ getting into a light with more performance, a few of us are building our own lights. And would be more than willing to help you out if you wanted to take a look at doing something like that.


I appears light is tour issue
@dbrn32 is knowledgeable about light he wint steer you wrong happy growing
If you need anything else tou can tag me


If you grow one is time and money waste…
Whit a 450w (meizhi, Viparspectra) or 2$300w roleandro you can grow 2-3 plants (if them will be autoflowering strain will be better because you can harvest after 3-4months=3-4per year. )
But is good to be low…


Thanks guys I appreciate the help. Gonna put a large light on top of what I already have and try to run about a 16 week cycle. I’ll let you know how it goes


Keep us posted @Chad88