Why are my stems turning red?

I just started to notice the stems on my plants are turning red and I don’t know why
can someone please help me ?


It’s nothing to worry about it is just a genetic some do some don’t


Don’t even stress man just the strain


Wonderful looking…100 % genetics :wink::wink::wink:

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From the look of the fan leaves, it appears to be an indica strain. From what I have seen and read on that strain, some have red or reddish purple stems so no problems…your plants look very healthy.

These two plants are clones off some Sour Diesel seeds I got from ILGM. just starting their 2nd wk of veg. The genetics are different in these plants than the mother I clipped them from. Notice in the last pic. that the new sets are off centered, they are different looking than their mother. I didn’t know how to top them so I just let them grow


If they are clones then they have the exact genetic makeup of their mother, now if they are monster cropped then they will grow weird

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