Why are my plants tips like this?

This is my second grow and I have a problem with aphids I’m not sure if this is caused because of that but I’ve noticed the tips like this for around a third of my plants and I would like to know what to do the nutes I’m using all GH cal mag mycorrhizae maxi grow flora blend I am in week 7 of veg and one of my plants Is filled with yellow spots I’m going to switch in about 4 weeks to flower

man those ladies look locked out. I would say cal and proble p and k. have you watered to run off? if so what are your ppms, and PH? also they look heat stressed to me, the twisty thick tops. what are your temps?
what medium are you growing in?
have you flushed and reset?

oh welcome btw. we can help you.


I had a similar problem last year, found out that my soil ph was so acidic. What ended up happening was the salts from the nutrients built up and lowered the ph level. I had to flush my plant with water (took 6 gallons to bring her back to PH 6), and within a few day the new growth was back to normal. The twisted new growth, lime green colour, that’s what my plant was doing as well.

Let’s ask someone with more grow experience @if3gt4 :+1:

Good luck and happy growing

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first off what are you growing in, promix, soil, ect…?
what is the light source you are using ?
what distance from the light ?
what other nutes are you using ?

at a glance if they were mine i would flush them out… seeing several things arise like that normallly means lockout… do you have a way to test the soil PH ?


I’m growing in a happy frog and kokobop mix in 10 gallon pots the light I am using for these is a 630 cmh from luxx the light is around 4-5 feet over and other then those nutes I’m only using flora nectar as foliar spray

I water until I see a little of runoff I’m not sure about the temperatures I’ll find out ton more because I’m going to get a thermometer but I am growing in a happy frog and kokobop mix in 10 fallen bags I haven’t flushed but I think I will do so later today

What nutrients are you using? What is the PPM/PH going in and what is the PPM/PH coming out at runoff? Does look like a PH issue. Water until you get 20ish%, or if you’re in a plant catch tray water until it’s about half full and take a PPM/PH reading from that. then you can adjust from there. If the plant is locked out you’ll need to flush it clean and start from there.

And right now I don’t have a way to test the soil ph

you can test run off to get an idea what root zone pH is. or do a slurry test. equal parts soil and distilled water mixed. then test the mixture with you pH pen.

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Doing this it showed 5.6 ph

you are low. flush with 6.5ish phed water, 3 times ur pot size. so 30 gallons if you are in 10 gallon pots. that will reset you. most nutes are not available for used to the plant at such a low pH. i keep mine 6.2 to 6.8. after the flush give them a full feeding phed correctly. and watch your plants recover. good luck and I know how much flushing sucks. I hate it.


My ph runoff is 5.9

you can always flush and top dress organicly and never worry about flushing again. I grew for a few years with synthetic nutes. I always had to flush about week 8 (flip time) and then every two weeks after that. coco products seem to lock out and hold salts more so and require morr flushing.

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I flushed my plants the ph Is now 6.9


good it will naturally come down where you need it as you water and feed. she should be a happt lady now.

is this too high?

ya buddy. I would feed half that at the most. 1000 to 1500ppm.