Why are my plants stretching?

Hi guys wondering if you can help. My one seedling is stretching quite q bit I’ve heard it’s because it’s not close enough to a light source. So I moved it closer to the light I’d say about 6 inches away. Should I worry the seedling looks healthy it’s getting its first set of sugar leaves. Maybe when I transplant it I can bury the plant in a little deeper into the soil? Thanks guys.

Please provide picture in nature light.

Your correct, seedlings stretch when they are not getting enough light. I’m no expert but some that is will chime in shortly.

I moved them closer to the light so hopefully that helps. I’ve heard sativas grow a bit taller to.


I’ve heard of some people using sticks to prop them up, in two weeks they will be like pencil size :slight_smile:

Is the stretching plant an anomaly? I mean, do you have other seedlings from the same source that have tighter internodes?

What lighting source are you using? What seed are you using?

Yes, Do this.


Without pics, it’s hard to say for sure. Depends on your light source too :v::bear:

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The plants may be stretched because your light may be too far away for its output. In other words, if your light is adjustable for output, it may be simply a matter of turning up the current. Or… move the fixture closer but not to the point its warm on your hand at canopy height. Should just feel the the lamp a bit.