Why are my plants so short but budding?

They’re either autoflowering plants that might have been stressed, or they’re photos and are getting fewer than 14 hours of light each day.


hours of light will push plants to flower as summer is over and it’s time for winter.

your indica plant is fine…just need to feed a little more and increase the light to 12+ hours.


Okay thank you guys so much i dont have any autos though and i keep them on a 12/ 12 rn with plenty of lights, will my plants still bud and not term hermie if i increase the hours of light all the sudden? @tanlover442 @elheffe702

That’s why they are flowering. On 12 hour light schedule they will flower as soon as mature. you can reveg them if you want, but it’s a long process.


My GSC was on a 14/10 light schedule and she took 3 months to flower. But she also grew to 57.5” tall. I also had several plants last year that barely had buds when it was all said in done. I’m talking less than 5 grams dried.

I was about to give up and my sister said keep going you will learn. I just bottled 6.57 oz and this is like my 5th growing session. I lost 3 months when I lived in South Africa this year.

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