Why are my plants maturing differently

I have 4 mature Blue Cookies plants that were planted outdoors about a week apart early June. I got the seeds from Crop King seeds.

I moved them indoors under grow lights on Sept 10th when they began to flower and the weather got damp. My humidity is set to 45-50% and temp range from 70-80F.

Pistils on 3 plants are well into the amber stage and Tricomes are mostly clear but occasionally I spot a milky one.
Each plant seems to be at a slightly different stage of maturity. One is all clear with white pistils.

The only climate controlled place I have to dry is my grow room. Once I turn off the lights and remove the soil pots from the room I suspect the temps will drop to about 60-75F which is better for drying than the 85-88F I have now with everything lit up.

My dilemma is to decide when to start drying.
These are photo period plants so they should all be at the same flower maturity shouldn’t they?

It’s been 130 days but most of that was outdoors. I’m pretty sure that starting to dry the 2 more mature plants in the hot room would not be a good idea.

Have a look. One is purple. I read that’s a low temperature fluctuation that causes this. That one was in a cooler spot outside so it probably had a few cool mornings but is the bigger and more impressive than the others. Starting to see the fan leaves yellowing now too.


first of nice plants there. ur ladies are like siblings, they grow and mature at diffrent speeds. what I do when I dry in my tent well other plants are finishing off is… I use a card board box with wire in it to hang, that keeps it dark and allows enough air for a slow 7 to 10 day dry.
I have also just dried above my lights well others are finishing below, it didnt turn out bad. Just cuz the situation is not ideal does not mean it wont work. do the best you can with what you have. good luck man. nice grow


Thanks AxemanJake.
Good idea about the cardboard box. I know somewhere I can get some huge ones tomorrow.

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lots of holes. also use paper bags