Why are my plants drooping?

Keep them dry for bit they should be fine. These things happen alot on some of my outdoor guerilla grows in the past. Probably take 3 to 4 days to see improvement.

Ok. Clip those shrived leave or leave it

Leave it until it recovers no sense stressing the plant until it can handle it.

Yes dont overworry. Its super easy to overcompensate and hurt more then help.

A big thing with overwatering could be your soil. Perlite, vermiculite and the lot are added to most topsoils to increase the drainage for this EXACT reason. I even add perlite to my fox farms ocean forest (supposedly ready out the bag). The more drainage, the more ofteb you will need to water. But if you dont have enough, clots of water form. And soaking soil is death to roots.

If your just ITCHING to do something. Id address that.
Get a bigger pot then your using.
Reamend somemore soil with perlite or some aerating amendment.
Very carefully transplant anything in soil that isnt draining properly.

@PurpNGold74 I planted it and the little tiny one with it a couple of hours ago in the green house cause I jus got some clear sheeting so I don’t have to worry about rain. As soon as I took her out the pot it already occurred to me it was the soil. The top half was dryer then the bottom. Witch was soaked and kinda smelled like sewage… I got her in the ground and now imma let the earth do it’s job

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