Why are my leaves like a closed hand?

I have started the next batch off to keep a continuous cycle going and have noticed that one of the California dream’s has been doing some strange things with all the leaves.
They look like closed hands, instead of spread out like usual.

I did have a small issue with 2 of them starting to flower so I switched the lights on for 24 hours a day for a week which seems to have brought back on veg phase.
(Probably not a bad thing, I started them a few weeks too early and wasn’t going to be ready for them yet)

As you can see none of the others are looking stressed at all

Don’t know the answer but I can tell you that the experts here will want a clear pic of plants in white light from side and top

Someone with more knowledge that me should be around shortly to diagnose your situation

May just be funny genes

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I noticed that you have the plants in corners, have they been bad? Jk but you may want them closer (more centered) to the lights

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Switching from 12/12 to 24 hrs will reveg and you will get some wonky looking leaves.
Probably all it is.

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I put them so close to the corners so I can train them as corner plants in the bigger tent, that way when they flower all of them are in the centre under the HPS and wings.
I was caught out last time when everything not right under its range of beam was blocked from the light and ended up underachieving!

Yeah there’s definitely a few “wonky!” leaves among them.
Seems like that’s only because the rapid growth rate once it Changes

Maybe genetics maybe the light

Yo, Spiney-Norman
I reckon you are right.
I followed the leaves back to where they started to appear normal and it does appear that it’s grown them since developing flowers.
Good stuff cheers mate

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