Why are my leaf tips dropping?

Any ideas what might be the cause? We have struggled a bit w root rot this grow… not sure what I’m doing different as I’ve not had this problem before . Could that be why the yellowing tips and possibly the fading throughout here ? And even the brown?

But the dropping leaf tips is new and that’s what I’m not sure on… I’m growing indoors w hydro.


I don’t see anything to worry over.


I agree with the guy above me. Nothing to overcompensate over. Bit of too much N. No need to adjust, theyll bounce back

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I see a touch of nute burn and maybe a calcium def happening i would give ur plants a some cal/mag in ur next watering

Any one else seeing possible magnesium deficiency?
I am not a hydro guy but is PH okay? Maybe a little epsom saltm for a mag boost


That looks like an early mag def. good eye


I dont see any problem they at all ,you have to think that a plant will get tired just like us they want to rest for a little bit there leaves would be heavy for them specially the larger fans leaves

I could maybe see that if it is late into flower. But it is too young. It exhibits classic magnesium deficiency . It is a mobile nutrient and most often affects older lower leaves. That is what I see.

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-Age of plant
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-Vessels: Type and capacity of container (fabric, plastic, etc)
-PH and TDS of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
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Slight n tox slight calcium deficiency. Check your pH

Good info, PH lockout possibly. bright yellow green is not normal in pic 4 and 8. fill out the ticket above

PH was 1 I was considering :love_you_gesture: