Why are my jars go fairly high rh while curing

Ok i dried my white widow the branches made a good snapping sound ive trimmed it all up now ive had it curing for a week now one lot in a cvault container and three lots in glass jars now the thing being the lot that is in the cvault the rh is 68 rh and the jars are sitting on 70-75% rh i burp them for about half hour three times a day
Ive even had the buds sitting in my trim tray for a hour to dry out the buds a bit more but the jars are still sitting around the 70-75% rh i don’t why it is quite humid in Australia the smell of the bids is getting better and better ,so does anyone know why im having trouble with these three jars

Because when you burp you re exchanging air therefore if the outside air is more humid at time of burp then it’ll cause it to climb ( the inverse is of course true too) find a room with humidity of 50-60 , pour your buds into a tray and let them air dry for about 4-8 hours then rejar and check


I wish i had grove bags

Have any silica desiccant or rice and a coffee filter(fold and wrap with a rubber band) or a small glass that can fit in the jar with the bud? Put the dry materials in the Microwave for a few mins on med setting to burn out any moisture, put this in the jar and close the lid, it’ll absorb some of the excess moisture until it hits equilibrium, then repeat until you get it where ya want it.


Brown paper bag will draw moisture out of your flowers. Leave them for an hour or so then put into jars again.

Do as necessary to reduce rh to where you want it


If you fear the jars are holding moisture;

Place them on a cookie tray (lids open and any plactic/rubber gaskets removed if at all possible), turn you oven on to 200 F to your lowest setting (170 F around here), and allow the jars to preheat with the oven and continue to heat for 45 minutes to an hour. This should exhaust all moisture out of jars.

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Go in a less humid room and dump the buds on a tray for an hour or so let the air dry them a bit more. If u leave it in the jars too much with the gasses the buds will have a super strong chlorophyll smell and taste let them dry out a bit more closer to the 61 or 62 mark then jar them.

Thats why ive been burping my jars about three to four times a day the problem is i cant take into another room its not my house so ive got to keep it on the sly

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Hey guys thanks for all ur help i managed to stabilize the rh in my jars its sitting at 60-62rh now