Why are leaves turning this way

Into week 6 1/2, and my leaves are looking like this and falling off pretty fast. I used mosquito bits twice in last 10 days , not sure if that affected them or too much lime to raise ph last time. Any ideas??
FYI I don’t have a soil meter that works currently and only checked to tunoff once 1 week ago and it was 5.7 ph. My tap water is filtered and goes in at 6.7ph and only added powder fertilizer at beginning of flower and 5 weeks after.

Hey fellow grower! Sorry to see that your girls are a little under the weather… that is a great visual guide to help you identify common cannabis deficiencies… as far as what I can help you with; I think that before anything else can be said, we need to know your soil run off PH. My buddy a few states over had a problem like this, it was easily corrected by adjusting his PH. Remember, the plants roots will lock out nutrients if your PH isn’t in that sweet spot of 5.8-6.3 (Soil)

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I dont mean to correct but soil sweet spot is 6.3 to 6.8.


A little more info please.
Auto or photo? Strain?
6.5 weeks - of flowering? total grow time?
What is the medium? Be specific brand / bag info

How did you obtain that reading? Soil probe or from runoff using a ____________?
5.7 is low if you are in soil. Any idea how it got that low if you were watering at 6.7?

How much lime did you add? Scratch it into the surface and water in?

Nutrients? What nutrients did you add at beginning of flower and then 5 weeks later. I assume dry top dress…
Mosquito bits should not cause any problems.

Strain- Purple Kush from ILGM

Method- Foxfarm soil- ocean forest I think. Super cali soil in bottom half of #2 only.

Vessel- #1 5gal. bucket, #2,3 fabric pot

Ph- tap water 6.8

Ppm- unknown

Indoor tent w/ 1 Mars-hydro tsw2000 led, small fan, small oscillating space heater, carbon filter (only used to reduce humidity so far) and 2 vent openings to let air in/out.

Temperature- day 79F, night 69F

Humidity- day 50-75, night 75

Co2- No

I used ph meter on the water that ran out the bottom after watering.

Switched to flower 12/12 on 4/8/22. The fertilizer was green sunshine co.
Base 3-1-2 at transplant/begin veg stage then
Boost 2-3-6 at 12/12 switch and 5 weeks later.
I added the lime in the water I mixed with mosquito bits cause the reading was 5.6 ph. My water does tend to get more acidic as the filter gets older. I really think I didn’t get an accurate reading after adding the lime ( wasn’t mixed well with the water):cry:

Oh yeah take the paddle to me for that one. Good looking out. :facepunch:

@Jerdan03 , the only thing I can suggest is for me, I’d collect rain water and test pH after adding any nutes. Also being a recovering prunoholic, I’d have to prune away some of the extra fan leaves opening up the air flow to avoid bud rot and mold issues. They look hungry , like they are feeding on themselves.

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that would be Earth Dust? As far as I know that is good stuff. People that use it have success. The most knowledgeable person I know about using it is @MeEasy.

I do not think adding dolomite lime to water will have much impact. Not much would be dissolved. If added to soil it takes a long time to break down.
Normally I would suggest flushing the soil but I do not know if this is the appropriate action when using earth dust. Hopefully MrEasy will steer you in the right direction.

Did you add earth dust to the soil before planting and let it cook for a week or two? Adding microbes helps with this process.

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Yea I did just cut several handfuls out today, been slackin on that for sure. So you think it’s safe to add another boost at this point? 3 plants are Purple Kush supposed to harvest in 2 weeks. The other is some tangle pie.

They look to be getting toward the end and will consume what you give them or they’ll get what they need from their own leaves. I like to think of it like giving them plenty of P and K and let them take the nitrogen form the fans if they need it. Feed the buds and they’ll get chubby.

No I didn’t add the nutes 2 week early, got too excited and maybe overwhelmed with info :scream:. Damn…just realized I forgot that step again with the clones I started last month . Definitely rookie jitters​:face_with_spiral_eyes::rofl::joy::rofl:

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I would say its a calcium and magnesium def some cal/mag in ur next feeding

Need to check the PPM of the runoff. I suspect salt build up is causing the low Ph coming out. High PPM and low Ph would suggest that a good flush(maybe with cal-mag added) may be all you need.

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If you don’t have a decent ph and ppm tester, you’ll have a hard time figuring out what the ladies are asking for. They are very good at communicating. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the tag @beardless … hi Jerdan welcome to the neighborhood. I grow with thegreensunshineco nutrients (Earth Dust) and it’s all organic and turns your soil into a living soil and it’s not necessary to ph your water going in unless it’s horrible water that’s way out of wack. Im not sure what is happening though because you have been putting lime in the water it could be doing something in there the microbes are not happy with. I think you are so far into flower that there’s not a whole lot you can do that will make a big difference in the outcome. Personally I would make a tea out of the Earth Dust boost and give it to them and just keep the soil moist until they are ripe and ready to chop. As long as you fed them as you said the tea will give the soil back any life lost and that life will start working with the nutrients in the soil and get you to the end. Oh and I would discontinue the use of the lime and just give em regular tap water after the tea

Here’s the tea instructions from TGSC :point_down: personally I put 2 tbs per gallon of water making enough to give each plant 1/2 gallon make sure you stir or shake it up a few times in a 24 hour period and water them with it, again shaking or stirring so every plant gets some of the solids… I use 5 and 7 gallon pots if you are using smaller ones it might not be possible to give them a half gallon each


I resemble that remark. Had ph spike over 9 and the ED could not handle that. Handles the normal 8-8.5 like a boss. Wide range. @MeEasy is your guy with this nute line. Follow its directions and his and you will water only and forget it.


Thanks a lot, this makes me feel better! No dis to previous peeps, just good to hear from someone using the same fert tech. I only used the lime once luckily, just need to find a decent ppm meter now.
Peace :v:


I’ve been using Earth Dust for a couple years now and I have a year or more documented on my thread with the different things I do and or did trying some things etc you are welcome to come by and join us there’s quite a bit of us bs’ing but I try to update each tent once a week and include any changes I make which aren’t much anymore. If you want to come over just click on my picture “Homer” then again on my featured topic and you will be magically teleported over to my place :grinning: and I’m around a lot feel free to ask me anything I’ll always try to help where I can. Your plants don’t look to bad and have pretty buds I think you’ll be rewarded for your work :wink:


What do u think about adding calcium/magnesium along with the tea?

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There’s more than enough in the Dust to give them what they need plus your water unless you use distilled or OR should have some additional minerals including calcium in it. I’ve never needed it