Why are couple of these girls leaves down/ unhappy?

Sorry for not writing a full ticket but I
Doing this from my phone at work. These girls are at 2 weeks and I’m feeding them general hydro 3 part , 600 ppm feeding on Saturday. This is my first time using coco. Are they still adjusting from their transplant from a week ago? Thanks for the help, happy growing! I have 3 Tropicana ilgm cookies, 3 ethos end game, 1 gold leaf ilgm


1st impression is their hungry, I’m feeding around 900-1000 PPMs at 5.8 PH and everyday to liberal run off in coco. Give them a good feeding at 1000/5.8 and test your run off :love_you_gesture:

Make sure they don’t sit in the run off, you don’t want that wicking back into the coco and contaminating the root zone…issues when that happens


You feed 1000 ppm daily?

You don’t think 1000 ppm will burn since they are only 2 weeks old.

Feed Seedlings at 500 :love_you_gesture: if this is for the plants you posted above, their not seedlings. Those look to around 3-4 weeks above ground

I germinated them 3 weeks ago but they are only 2 weeks old

2 weeks transplanted to coco

Broke ground 2 weeks ago… good growth and yes 500 and bump that up 100 each week :love_you_gesture:

2 weeks old plenty old enough to give full strength for me.

The 600ppm probably not as big of an issue as going multiple days between feedings. The mechanical properties of coco make it go wet/dry pretty quickly, and you don’t want it to dry completely out. It’s much different than growing in a traditional organic soil.

Oh wow I’m really happy you told me that. I was letting them dry out in between like I would with soil. How often should I feed? Is it different than I would with soil where I feed once a week?

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I feed daily in coco at 900-1000 PPMs/ 5.8 PH and to liberal run off :love_you_gesture:

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Much different than soil. You can maybe get away with couple days with small young plants but once they take off do just like @OGIncognito said. Full strength daily to runoff.

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I give silica along with general hydro trio, I’m switching to jacks after the bottle runs out which should be this week. I have the 25 lb pounds of jacks and am looking forward to the switch. Now my question is if I’m feeding them daily with gh or jacks nutrients should I use the silica daily as well? Or should I just give them silica weekly ?

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I use Silica through the whole grow, not sure on the other nutes but using jacks the silica needs to be mixed in 1st before adding the jacks :love_you_gesture:

Holy moly. Nutes everyday ! Id have to mortgage my house lol

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Jacks 321 goes a very long way and less expensive when you do the math :love_you_gesture:

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Yeah I bought the big bags. What’s the feeding ratio for jacks?

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I mix part A at 3.6, epson at 1.2-1.6 and part B at 2.4. They need to be mixed in this order and each one dissolved completely before adding the next, not as important on part A and epson but the order is the same :love_you_gesture:

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How much difference ? Approx do tou know how many plants you can feed with say 200 bucks worth of jacks from seed to harvest ?

What size bags are the Jacks, I started with 8 ounce bags and got 3 grows with about 4 plants each :love_you_gesture: