Why am i having troubles with germinating seeds from same pack

@BondPacker @latewood @Paranorman @Majiktoker (tagged you all because this is too weird) Soaked in warm pH 6.0 water until taproot appeared. Then, using plastic tweezers I gently placed them root down into a damp (not soaked) Coco Cuir starting plug. The hole was made no more than a 1/4" deep. The seeds were then covered by collapsing the sides of the hole using a small plastic probe. The plugs were then placed in a humidity dome and placed in my nursery tent which has an 80 degree constant temperature.

It is weird! The other 2 took right off, and I have planted literally 100s of seeds this way with a high (90+%) success rate. Honestly, I’ve read some reports of the X-Ray that packages may be exposed to by customs having an effect on seeds. I know that when I ordered these, I also got 3 AK47 autoflower seeds. The AKs were the first I germinated, and not a single one sprouted. ILGM sent me replacements, and they are going in next rotation.

Man… I’m getting really concerned by this. I just planted lord knows how old bag seeds 7.5 weeks ago. I planted 5 and had 5 pop. 1 was a male, the others female. They are doing great! I DO NOT DOUBT ROBERT’S SEEDS. The 2 Gold Leaf that did pop are phenomenal. But, something really is amiss here.


The seeds were stored per ILGM’s directions, and my standard practice. I emailed them when I received them, because I knew there was going to be roughly a 2 month delay before planting, and I wanted to keep them informed for warranty purposes. I stored them by opening the outer envelope they came in, placing a dessication packet in the envelope, re-sealed it, and placed them in my fridge. The failed AK47s were in there maybe 2 months, and the Gold Leaf about 4 months.

It’s just frustrating… and the only part of growing I detest: seeds not sprouting. I don’t even mind males as much as I dislike seeds not sprouting. At least with a male, life was still created, and albeit a short life, a life nonetheless.

@DissidentPriest, I got it split for you

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With all my seeds I soak in water for 24 hours then I put them in the plug or soil and I’ve had around 95% success with them

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Yup. Me too… up until now that is. Very confused and frustrated…

I still have an untold, uncounted, absurd amount of bag seeds; but, I really needed to get a good set of ladies in rotation so that I could experiment with the bag seed. I hate having to take opiates to manage my pain and nerve damage. Having down time due to males, or dead seeds is bad, expensive, and frankly dangerous for me. I HATE OPIATES!!

Thank goodness 2 of the Gold Leaf sprouted, because I will just clone. I really hope the replacement AK47 autoflowers sprout. Maybe with their short grow cycle and non-photoperiodic nature I can just get a good stockpile for when males and dead seeds happen.

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I am experienced long time gardener, not cannabis grower, however, I can tell you bad seeds happens and its usually nobody’s fault, just like some of my ducks are sitting on their eggs for months and nothing…some seeds are just never gonna germinate…
Its a general answer, but that’s how it is in nature…
Good luck


Agreed, sometimes it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.