Why am I having so much trouble w/germination?

Germinate, a key step to starting the months of work, care, love… eventually reward…

However, after 2 decades plus, I decided to try something new, I ordered online from 2 companies, that placed #1&#2 in my internet search of, "top ten most reliable mail order mj seed banks , I did 2017& 2018,… #1msnl, #2ams, all my life I scored in my area from people I know… but I tried something different, I said to myself, I want names of stains and hopefully 1&2 of top ten seed banks will get me some top notch esp coming outta Amsterdam… so I had a 800 dollar budget , I spent less than 200 at ams because , #2 on the list I read, so 2 strains I ordered and off to msnl site to spend my 5 or 600 dollars I had left , and boy o boy did I ever I ordered 40 pure power plant, og kush, pineapple kush, n.lights , ak47, Durban Poison, cheese, l.a. confidential, critical, and then some feminized and a 5 pack of auto flower , because I had no money left buying no less than 10 of each strain some 20 some 40p.p.p. p.k. 20 ak 20 critical 20 la con 20 so then I get what I can thinking ok I’ll probably get 50% no grow or male per bag because prices are for example “n.lights fem 10 seeds $50” so the same screen it says “n.lights 20 seeds regular $50” so I figured if I order 20 reg I get about 50% females seeds and 50% of dead, junk, or males… In total I had 2 dozen strains 127 in all cuz they gave me free 3 , 5 , 2 bla bla… SO IF YOU GOT THIS FAR PLEASE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED IN THE LAST 5 YEARS , BECAUSE HALF DONT EVEN GERMINATE, NO CRACKED SHELL, TAP ROOT NOTHING , THE OTHER 25% GERMINATE BUT THEN NEVER GROW , I ALWAYS USED ZIPLOC MOIST PAPER TOWEL, NOT WET , TIP UPSIDE DOW LET ALL WATER DRIP UNTIL STOPS AND BEFORE THAT 24 HRS FLOATING IN ROOM TEMP WATER AND 24 HOURS SUNK , THEN ONTO THE ZIPLOC, WHICH I PUT AIR IN AND SEAL THEN PUT INTO A MED SIZE CARDBOARD BOX THEN PUT BOX INTO BLACK GARBAGE BAG AND PUT IT IN A SUNNY PLACE IN FRONT OF A WINDOW THAT GETS SUN LONGEST AND ALL MY LIFE 24-36-48 HOURS MAX AND THOSE TAP ROOTS VARIED THRU TIME BUT SOME LONG CURLY OTHERS JUST POKING OUT BUT EITHER WAY I HAD LIKE 80% SUCCESS RATE , UNTIL MSNL … IVE MANAGED TO ONLY GET THE FEW FEMINIZED I ORDERED TO GROW , SAME EXACT DANCE AND BOOM 24-36 HOURS IN NAPKIN AND NICE HEALTHY TAPS, AND ID PUT THEM INTO THE WE CALL JIFFY DISKS, BROWN CIRCLES ADD WATER THEY GROW AND I GOT A DECADE + USING MANY BRANDS OF THESE PODS I CALL THEM THESE DAYS , MAN THEY WORK GREST, ESP WHEN YOU HAVE A GREAT STRAIN GREAT GENETICS , I MEAN WOW ALL THE FEM SEEDS GREW FINE BUT I ONLY ORDERED 5MEDIBUD FEM 5 MANGO AUTO … FROM AMS I ORDERED 10 BIG BUD FEM AND 5 LA BLANCA FEMM . OH MY GOSH THESE SEEDS ARE GREAT BEFORE I EVEN GET 48 HOURS IN A CUP OF WATER THESE SEEDS ARE SPROUTING TAP ROOTS, AND 24 HOURS IN ZIPLOC THEN INTO POD AND INTO DOME MAX 72 HOURS IN DOME UNDER A 100 WATT 6400K LED WHITE COLOR , TRUE WATTS LIKE 18WATTS BUT IT WILL VEG 4 AT A TIME IN DOME , THEN I PUT ROOT STIMULATER A PINCH INTO RED PLASTIC CUP2/3 full of a foxbfarm put pod in and cover all the stem so only leaves are above dirt… same way 2+ decades . Now tell me why I can’t get half to not germinate or germinate but not grow and only seeds that behave normal are feminized . So they sent me a new pack but with some same some difference 120 seeds 10 fem the rest regular but outta ten strains 5 are same as I ordered 5 are picked by them . So far same stuff feminized acting normal anything regular no dice except n l. They sent 10bi planted 2 got 2 females luck, and I planted 2 of the thc bomb fem and 1 is a runt and won’t get taller than 5 inches yet it’s stacking on the sets it must have 12 sets just crammed on top of each other, while the other seed from same bag is so tall at 30 days was 18 inches and topped once, weird… but so far the replacement seeds which the names excited me Afghan, Hindu Kush, thc bomb,n.l. then 5 strains I already had and as I said only regular seeds to grow outta 110 reg seeds 2 n l. The other 10 are fem , total 120 replacement seeds, then I got 2 unmarked bags as well of the 10 strains total 120 beans 5 I had 2 unmarked 3 new strains reg and I’m at a loss for what to do, I even now just put them in water in warm dark place and 24 hours floating then sink them and I’ve changed water cups etc 7 days and not even one opened up or showed any signs , so today I put 2+2+2+1 ak, critical,p.k., chz… Please tell me a BETTER WAY TO GERMINATE SEEDS BECAUSE MY 2 DECADES+ EXPERIENCE HAS GOTTEN ME NO WHERE , AND IM NOT EVEN BUMMED ABOUT THE MONEY LOST, IM BUMMED BECAUSE I HAD PLANS FOR HAVING MULTIPLE STRAINS AVAIL , CONSTANTLY NEW STRAINS AVAILABLE, AND I PLANNED TO BUY MORE, BUT I CANT GET ENOUGH TO GROW TO PROVIDE MORE THAN 4 STRAINS OF 24 STRAINS… DIFFERENT BREEDER SAYS THE MSNL PEOPLE , SO ITS STRANGE THAT I HAVE PROBLEM WITH THE MAJORITY LIKE 80% OF THE MANY DIFFERENT STRAINS WONT GERMINATE AND IF THEY DO THEY NEVER SPROUT OUT OF THE PODS… UNLESS ITS FEM OR CAME FROM AMS BECAUSE ALL THEIR 2 FEM STRAINS ALL GREW 13 OF 15 GREW… CAN ANYONE HELP ME , I KEEP THEM IN A COOL, DRY PLACE , NOT THE FRIDGE… BUT THE COOLEST DRYEST DARKEST PLACE I HAVE IN MY ROOM IS MY CLOSET…



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Wow, a lot to read and understand.

One problem might be the fox farm soil is too hot for young seedlings. Instead of trying to analyze your problems, I’ll tell you how I have had success.

24-72 hours in a glass of water(I have used tap, but maybe try bottled water).

Once shell cracks and I can see a root, I transplant.

I use happy frog soil and add approx 30-40% perlite. Put mixture in 16oz cup, water mixture, then bury sprouted seed tip down 5-7mm/ .25”.

Place under low intensity light and the seedlings emerge in 2-3 days.

Before adding water to the cup, judge the weight of the dry mix. Remember this feeling as you will use this as a gauge of when to water your cups. Make sure your seedlings are not drowning. Roots don’t want “water”, they want moisture.

Hopefully you have some seeds left.


I do the cup of water bottled water and I can’t even get these seeds to crack or show a tap, then I put into pods , jiffy disks, they have allot of names, little brown dry circles add water they grow like 5x there size and I believe it’s dry,fine mulched and pressed peat moss… I don’t know I never in 20+ years had trouble with germination , that the easy part, I’m about 1 for 5 , but I ordered a whole bunch of new things and a new big dome with heating mat and some take off great the feminized , but the regular seem to be about a 20% germination rate… and of 800 I spent 550ish on regular seeds And 200 on fem so like 25 fems to 125 regulars… and I wanna try this guy’s seeds… see outta 3 Amsterdam companies who can actually get it to me, one company with great seats ams it took 83 days to arrive because they just use regular stamp and envelope , where msnl uses a priority international, takes 3 weeks but there seeds are garbage, only fems are good… so lets see what ilgm is all about, I took advantage of the buy 10 get 10 on White widow fem, w.w.auto, and big bud fem , so we will see if they provide. A tracking number or if they do it the slow but safe way like a bday card safest way to send anything that’s not bulky a card and no real names no trouble and they don’t ask to sign for reg envelopes so it’s left in box , I’ve gotten and given using the birthday Christmas card So many times into USA out of USA , fun fact envelope never touches human hands as long as it’s not too thick until they put it in your box, wrap bday card in 3 sheets of plain white paper, stuff it in envelope and make sure to use some type of vac seal just for added safety but I used to get hash all the time like that it looked no different than any other , key is to open and BURN. Envelope and any packaging right away soon as you get it, without evidence there is no crime and using not real names that’s a loop hole as long as you don’t sign or open a parcel with not your name, and leave the envelope or box sitting in the house , if it is caught you got 5-30 min to burn that shit in the grill or in a metal bucket then grind ashes into ground… keep lighter fluid near burn bucket … I’ve seen this method used 60 x in last 15 years , up to a 25g for 1 reg USA to USA stamp or 1.55 dollars for 1 international stamp up to 5oz per stamp… but ya, … another long writing… sorry I should have been an authour… Id rather wait 30 days and it’s for sure than using a service that’s 3 to 5 business days but they are nosy … I will write a autobiography one day… titled watta’s world…it’s going to be a knock out of a book, because I’m going to keep everything non enhanced , just change certain things as to not get bit in the end…

P.s. I came into the world not scared, and taking chances helped me meet alot of people from different countries who were truly about what they said , and I had things people wanted , they had what I wanted and do even trades just always keep it small but frequent…

Peace , love, and jc

Sendra green

I gave up trying to come out ahead by buying regular seeds. Of 100 regular seeds…20 will never hatch, 20 will hatch and die, of the other 60-----30 to 80% will be males, it turned out that there might be 30 good healthy females. With fem’d seeds I get 75% healthy females.

I buy the fem’d seeds now. Put them in water in a warm spot till they hatch, n show the root. Then, It’s in a wet paper towel…in a warm place. Once tap root is 1/4"+ transplant to final spot.

Good luck


First time buying online. But yes sir, you are correct with fem’d I get 70-80% healthy females , ith regular I’m at like 2 healthy females and 8 that don’t germinate, I have 7 in. A cup of water now and none have shown any signs of germination… never got a male , just 80% dead beans but I’m going to try. A small order from here, or do you have any advice on good places I can buy from? Like a lot of the older name places don’t even exist I basically found msnl, ams, and ilgm so I’m going to take advantage of the current buy 10 widow fem’d get 10 free for 119… it’s expensive . Any idea if it’s regular postal service, or service like FedEx ilgm uses cause I’m not in a big USA city , I’m in the sticks way out…

ILGM has good stock. Five GG seeds…only one didn’t hatch.

The site will not allow posting of competitors. And, most will take weeks to deliver. This company delivers blazing fast. The 10+10 is a good deal. It comes regular postal service…discreetly.
+this company will replace if intercepted by the gestapo.


I recommend ILGM. This company delivers very fast. 4 days last order.

The London company I used for yrs…took 3+ weeks after a cc online payment.


@Inout 1000% recommend ILGM.

I’ve had excellent germination rates on regular and fem, and if not they will make it right. I get my shipments in less than 5 days from order in CA.

Are you in the US?


I have had problems with AMS seeds, just closed my account with them…never again.


You can order there seeds to Canada???

I’m sure you can. Just go to the order page and put your address in. It will let you know then.

There IS one thing that no seed bank can control - and that is what conditions the seeds are exposed to in transit. They do the best they can, but if somehow a seed gets baked or cooked by high temperatures along the way to us some way all bets are off.

One of the best times to order seeds then, is before the full heat of summertime hits

(just an observation)

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I second AAA’s first response about FF Ocean soil. I set a germinated seedling in that soil and it pretty much stopped growing after 8 days. 3 weeks in that soil and nothing happened so I chalked it up as a dead seedling. I germinated another, put it in some cheap organic seedling starter mix and it has done excellent.

So far, I have had complete success with tap water (mine is an even 7ph) soaking for 24 hours, then placed in between wet paper towels for a day or two after that. I re-moistened the paper towel two - three times until I plant inside of seedling mix. Now, with that seedling mix, I run plenty of water through it to fully moistened, drain all excess water, fluff it and aerate it, and then plant the seed.

I will say, I am a beginner, but with each mess-up, it is a lesson learned and I make it to another step.

PH pen and PPM pen are advised for optimum growth, and flower.

There are several methods to germinate seeds, and they all seem to work. I can tell you what the key item is though - without it you will have only mediocre results. That item is - the temperature. You need to make sure that the room or closet where you have your glass of water or paper towels is warm - like 77 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit (25-28°C).
When they are young seedlings they will benefit from warm temperatures as well. Seedlings also do not need or want any nutrients.

Since soil was mentioned and you have used Fox Farms, I will share the way I put soil in my pot. The first area contains Fox Farms Light Warrior - a nutrient-free soil just for seedlings. The roots then grow into an area containing Fox Farms Happy Frog, a medium-nutrient mix. Lastly, they grow into Fox Farms Ocean Forest, which has lots of nutrients.


I had a issue like you and found that this has greatly increased my seed hatch rate to almost 100%
I clean shot glasses and in a measuring cup i cup of distilled water and 2 tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide and stir. Then pour in shot glass and drop seed once cracked goes into damp paper towel in a Ziploc bag till tale is a quarter inch or so and then into soil and i won’t use fox farm soil for seeds i use cheap pro mix vegetable and herb soil mix and get great results hope this helps you

@TommyBahama That soil idea is so genius haha. I am gonna use them when it comes time to transplant.

Ya I second that as a non beginner, that’s all there is , learning , learning , and learning more… new technology arrives , another part of learning… master grower may not exist , but there’s a lot of experience some people have … but each strain, each longitude and latitude you are currently growing in has so much to do with things… that’s why it’s hard for me to get any answers I haven’t tried or normally do use… but since my big move from new York to now in Costa Rica c.a. it’s so different doing indoor than what most of my life has been like, even drying at 85-95% humidity outside everyday it can get very warm and very humid… And anyone in USA taking their life for granted , try finding a dehumidifier that is a brand you heard of and is not made of the cheapest materials the world offers plus the cost on electronics imported here , crazy expensive for junk… 50 dollars equal to, gets you a cheap plastic window fan that’s garuanteed if yyou use it 12 hours a day, you have 4-8 months before coughing up 50 for another fan or risk getting eating alive by mosquitoes, eaten alive I say! Lol… good luck all!! Anyone in or near my current area, please drop a tip on how I can get my seeds to germinate only 2 of 10 are growing tales and it’s the 2 garbage commercial grade seeds just as a test, everything else I ordered and paid good money for don’t want to grow…

P.s. I don’t put them into :fox_face: farm … I put a seed with Taproot into a pod, jiffy disk, AKA peat pellets… what do you recommend I do if the peat pellets don’t work, used them for decades… this is first time I’m having issues… buuen thru many packs of peat pellets and had some success but not nothing like what I was expecting

Thanks for that drawing and idea, I appreciate your time… I use peat pellets but the trouble is is seeds won’t germinate… what’s the way you germinate seeds

So can I use r.o. water or bottled water like bonafont and add 2 tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide into 1 cup of water… and the temp of the water should be how high? Did I get that correct… cause my seeds won’t crack open and I have a lot of strains from different breeders one strain is great but the majority don’t even germinate