Why a dimmer on led

Have SF 1000 w/dimmer cant find out Why use dimmer use to grow dule 400wt MH-HPS . They say "will be done late sept. but sept 21 first 12/12 how can they b done.have auto on way never liked but last tried 10yr ago disappointing. Can i pinch for more growth. Indoor good soil

Welcome to the community! Dimmers are used on LEDs to be able to meet the plants different lighting requirements throughout the various growth stages.A seedling doesn’t need much light. Whereas a plant late in veg and or flowering needs much more to produce those thick, frosty buds we all love to grow. Being able to adjust lighting intensity without having to adjust the height of the light or the plant really helps, too. Hope this helps! Good luck and happy growing!!!


Why have a dimmer on a SF1000 is a good question. Raising a light this size a couple of inches will achieve the same thing as dimming it.

I am not sure what you are asking regarding Sept 21.

Pinching? Pinching or topping & fimming induces a different type of growth not necessarily more growth.
If the main stem is topped that stem will grow two colas rather than only one. Beyond that, numerous circumstances dictate if the two ends up growing more than one.
And, in that regard photos are much different than autos.