Whos watches Disney Plus shows?

who watches Boba Fett or any of cool shows on disney +? The Mandalorian is awesome and so was Hawkeye.




Just messing with you bud


hahaha well u got me


@BudzMS My wife and I were confused by the Mandolorian stuff in Book of Boba Fett… But we were glad to see the merger. Hooked.

Hawkeye was pretty cool… The scarlet witch one was okay… Wife loved it.

Watched Peacemaker on HBOmax yet? Hooked.

We just binge watched Ozark… Hooked.

The Boyz… Hooked

Umbrella Academy… Hooked

Any others you’d suggest?

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i liked the merger, hope we didnt spoil it for anyone lol.

i agree with scarlett witch one was ok lol. i havent seen the peace maker but on the list.

The boys and umbrella academy rocked

Ozark, love that show lol

i am waiting on new season of The Last Kingdom, if youre into the mid evil/ Vikings shows.

oh ya Invincible, its a cartoon version of super heros, its halrious, well it was to me lol

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@BudzMS Peacemaker is funny, graphic, fowl language… Etc… All the good stuff.

His eagle is awesome!

We’re waiting for the new seasons of the Boyz and umbrella academy… Can’t wait.

I’ll have to check them out… Thanks for the advice!

Wife is pushing watching breaking bad… I steered away when it was popular… So now a bit hesitant… For no real good reason other than to be stubborn… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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you and me both, i havent seen one episode lol. peacemaker sounds perfect for me.

@BudzMS I’ve been teasing my wife for a week…one second… Maybe tonight… Next… “nah… F’in breaking bad can F itself in the ear.” probably finally watch one episode tonight or tomorrow… Got to judge her frustration.

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Piad for sub just for Mandalorian and have sense forgotten i added it till just now :rofl:


@1HappyPappy our plan was to cancel after using what we needed.

One day we will finally cancel a few services … Just bought a year subscription to Amazon prime before their prices go up.

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I always say this. Heck we got 2 Netflix somehow and I never take the time to cancel one.
I am doing this tomorrow. I think I can savex$50 a month on subs we dont use

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@Fiefie920 you bettwr watch one with her lol

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gotta share subs with people, each group pay for a sub and share except prime, mother n law was buying movies on my account, had to boot her off lol


I’ve been watching Boba Fett and need to get up to date - don’t worry, I already heard about Mando. I am on the internet! LOL!
To be honest - I’m disappointed in it.
There are so many things wrong it’s not even funny.

Mandalorian is GREAT! A strong showing for a franchise adrift. I’m holding my breath for Obi-Wan and Ashooka. I hope they can come closer to Mando than Boba does.

WandaVision was cool. But I’m pretty sure it was written as a bridge to Dr. Strange and was just a one-off.
Very happy Loki was picked up for another season. By far the best of the Marvel shows so far.
I mean - Alligator Loki! How can you go wrong?
I suppose I should watch Hawkeye while it’s still cold out at least. LOL!
Falcon took a couple of viewings before I enjoyed that as much as I do now. I think I had set the bar to high for that one…much like Boba. But at least there some action!

I tried Breaking Bad a couple of times and I just don’t connect to it enough to commit the time.


wow, i forgot about loki, that was really good and so was falcon, there is so much good stuff its easy to forget some of the good ones. i am excited for Obi ti come out and even the moive for dr strange.


Dont have Disney plus i watch stan or Netflix and i watch shows like boyz n hood , straight outta Compton ,friday and next friday ,friday after next ,weeds, pineapple express , notorious b.i.g., all eyes on me movies like that good stoner movies

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@Aussie_autos Dazed and Confused! That one reminded me of my grade school and junior high school days… My older sister’s friends were the it crowd…the movie was right on the Era.


I liked all the Marvel shows, they have clearly entered the “Let’s do some of the far out stuff” phase. If anyone likes zombie stuff, I watched “all of us are dead” on netflix and I liked it, a lot. Imagine The Breakfast Club and Degrassi High had a baby-with zombies-in Korean. As for WandaVision-



Boba Fett season finale is tonight!

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