Who's loves there T5 grow light and would u get another one

Just wanna see how many ppl like there T5 grow light and what style is yours ???

A friend was using T8 and upgraded to led bulbs in the T8…
T5 are totally doable but florescent has terrible penetration rate…

Although with good attention and a good scog you could do em. But unless you get them dirt cheap… The cost doesn’t justify the lack of light quality /efficiency In my opinion

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Yea I agree. They are good for starting plants the one I got is stain less steel gives off a lot of heat but it grows pretty good

Yes because of the 6400k CFL’s are good to star veg.

I’m using a 200w full spectrum 6400k for my veg


That’s with a ballast. ??? Why so close I can’t put mine that close start a fire but I used it tell bud like this one

After 6 inches florescents suck…
No fire here, the heat from the light keep the little seedlings a decent temperature considering half the day the room is cooler because my main grow lights are off (see the exhaust in the closet door crack)

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So it’s not a hps then just same setup. I got 600 watt hps is it the same or ??

My winter grow used a Quantum T5 BadBoy with Eye PowerVeg lamps. I got over 200 grams per WWA. The lamps are not cheap but they are high output and you can change the light spectrum by changing lamps.

I love my T5 but honestly, led technology has grown leaps and bounds. I am doing a combo of HO T5 and led strips on my current grow…


These are all T5…


My fixture uses (8) four foot lamps - 432 watts. I use (4) UVA/UVB full sun and (2) 420’s (2) 460’s for veg. I change to 633 and 660’s for bloom. Keep the same fs+I’ve throughout.

112 cubic feet temp gain - 4 degrees F


Not sure what your question is here…
This is a HPS reflector, but I re wired the cord to a standard wall plug, the light them self have a built int ballast at the base so no need to plug into a ballast

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Yea that answers my question I thought it was a hps but that light bulb can fit into my ballast as well way to high of tempts

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I have a 4 bulb, 4 ft T5 and I like it for veg. It does good enough. I veg for 3 months because it does grow a bit slow. So far I have no issues thou with it. Also doesnt do much to an electric bill. I use an LEDs for flower. Would not recommend using a T5 for flower. You would be disappointed with results.


That’s what I thought tell I seen these pictures I guess if u wanted to use it you could but after I switched for led to hps I will never go back

Now I use the 1000 watt led for clones

You mean a 200w led… Lol


Says it’s suppose to be replace 1000 watts but not 200 watts why do u say 200 watts ??? U can tell just by looking zom in and look at the tag what does it say??? I know it doesn’t say 200 but your close

I hate how they false advertise rip ppl off

Typical burple light.
It sais 1000w because if all those chips were maxed out thats how much the light could produce for a very short period of time before they burnt out the light diodes, in reality they give them a very small amount of power so they can last longer.

What is the model/ Brand?

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The max pull is 265 watts that’s why I said good guess.

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