Who's close to first ever harvest?

Let’s see them buds (grow tent flowering 5weeks or past)
This will be my first personal harvest ever new to grow tents an I doors but quick learner here they are?



Pic1-pink lemonade the lemon cheesekake no skunk version
Pic2_purple pieledies 1:1 thx cbd ratio
Pic3_orange cookies
Pic4_pre98 bubba kush

Pic 3 was missing heres the orange cookies


4-6 weeks left im assuming.


Northern lights day 60

back in the tent

had to lay these buds over


Been taking pics with my 25x macro lens… and this is my first grow. Sour Diesel auto after 10 weeks. Looks like trichomes are transparent. Anyone have any feedback as to how much longer until harvest?

Some unsulphured blackstrap molasses will help build trichs and resin glands mix a spoonful with each gallon of water and u won’t burn the plant no worry there

@beardless this is ur first indoors grow? That’s some experienced looking lollipop and training there looking on point

Thanks. This is the first attempt at photos. Had been growing autos. Just pulled this NL from the tent for some dark time. Put in our little travel trailer with the AC cranked up and a dehumidifier.


Looks amazing, you have some seriously sticky bud there. Cracking pictures as well :heart_eyes:.

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@beardless 7gL cloth pots?

5 gallon. I can’t fit 4 seven gallon bags in my 3x3 other wise I would go to the larger size.

5 & 1/2 weeks into flower; assorted strains: Sour Diesel, AK-47, Jack Herrer, Blueberry, Bubblegum & Trainwreck.
Not 1st ever but 1st in 15 years :sweat_smile:


Bud looks great man! I’m doing a small indoor grow my self. Sappy sour 2.0. about a few weeks or so left until harvest

When should I harvest? We have frost warning for next 3 days. Some plants still have white pistols. Not sure of there strains, seeds are from 10 years ago

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First ever grow. Bag bean sativa strain not sure on a flavor. 11 weeks flower

Bubblegum auto hydro bucket 8 weeks flower