WHOLEY SMOKLIES... An "OLD" seed from ILGM sprouted

This is amazing, I forgot where (where have I heard that echo before?) I left a small pack of leftover seeds of ILGM Gorilla Glue about two years ago, and while clearing a room I found them.

We are talking TWO YEAR OLD ILGM Gorilla Glue seeds, here…

 ~  Well check this:

I’m not sure if I topped or FIMMed it

~ But howzat???


PS: I can’t wait to plant super lemon haze in hydro…


2 years? Thats pretty dope. Mushrooms can be the same way, you can take a several year old specimin, all dried up, sprinkle the dust of it onto a culture plate and it has a very good chance of revival. The resutong mycelium will be weak but it has like an 85% chance of making it till fruiting. All it takes is one mushroom to sporulate and you are back in buisness! Im interested to know the vigor of such old seeds. Will you be keeping this thread as a grow journal?

Welcome back to the community

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All the seed I planted this year was 3 years old, keep it in the fridge on the door.

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As a matter of fact, this was a few minutes ago

and this is looking like I pulled off a beautiful FIMM resulting in at least 4 stalks

I think this is the end of the 1st week since germination. As shown, this little baby is already 9 inches across


GG, nice! :astonished:

Grow journal week 3 sunday update

In this “View from the Top” you can see the spread, it looks like 4 main stems…

In this side view, we see the SECOND NODE sending out main branches as well
(the 1st node being the round seed leaves)

Digging into the center, we find the original STEM is still continuing…

So this is branched and topped like I have never seen before!

I did the Fimm at the fifth node, just after the first “five leaf fans” appeared

Its still less than 6 inches tall but BUSHING out short and low…

(I took off a few fan leaves to open up light for the center and sides)

I don’t want to spoil the sunday ‘snapshot’ by doing a daily but this little girl is busting out, oh yeah…

Fluid intake is approaching 1 gallon per day gradually but the scent right now is mesmerizing, i think i would have to say (as wack as it may be)

“Skunk…ish, but it has almost a holiday coffee sort of spice scent to it…”

If it wouldnt damage my sight i would love to sit near a crack in tbe zipper to breathe the smell

Its exploding

Sunday Snapshot, official

~ it is a “Shrubbery”

One thing I did differently on this grow is to give the full output of a 6 channel air pump to this single station

  • standard 5 gallon black bucket

Remember (? What is remember exactly, oh yeah…) the fimm i did at node 5?

I had to do it again, and it looks like it will still grow a pair (2) stems opposite to each other

This is a double canopy Fimm!

Just a quick note

I’ve achieved a personal milestone! For the first time ever I’m seeing lots of ELEVEN leaf fans on one of my plants.

Seven, okay. Nine, wow, thats cool.

But eleven is amazing

Leafiness beyond belief

I need to premix another 5 gallons of nutes because it ia drinking almost a gallon a day

I also had to change the second FIMM to a Topping.

This plant is not in a big enough space

The first week of “Bud Light” (12 on 12 off) there isnt much to see. Little white filaments that are hard to see.

But in the second week, what i think of as ‘cotton balls’ happens.

Little cotton-like heads appear

~ this is after trimming quite a bit. You don’t want big fan leaves blocking the light

All that stuff came off in a single trim session. It will be used to enrich growing soil

** TRICHOMES spotted on leaves!

In the 7th week, color began to appear…
Little orange tendrils

So tiny but nice.

Dont know if they will show