Whole house water filtration with UV & Ozone

Anyone else use a whole house filtration system with or without UV & Ozone and have any issues or concerns with watering your plants? Ours has the UV/Ozone.

I have read through every article in watering and have not seen the topic so I figured I would ask. I am still waiting on some equipment to show up to test the pH and PPM. Will update the post after I do.

I know the house water softeners often cause issues with the salt, but we have a no-salt “Water Conditioner” so not worried about the sodium levels there. It is not an RO system as I think it leaves some essential nutrients but not sure exactly which ones. I also know it strips out all bacteria and chorine/chloramines.

pH is 6.0 at the tap and 0 chlorine. Still waiting on the equipment for PPM.

I’ve never heard growers talk about such a system. Most of us use plain old RO water.

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This is like RO but doesn’t waste water and keeps some essential nutrients while killing any bacteria. I am new to growing and will be using a hydro system to start in a couple months. I just didn’t want to kill or harm the plants due to the water purification system. I am super-immuno compromised which is why we have the system.

I would assume that if it is only purification then there shouldn’t be a problem. Ozone is a poison, but if it doesn’t impart it into the water then it’s good to go. I wouldn’t worry about it if you are drinking and cooking with it.

The ozone leaves the water before it gets to UV, just makes the water more bubbly. We are using it for everything else just never heard of it in growing weed. @MidwestGuy thanks for affirming what I suspected.

I will wait for the PPM and figure out which Jacks feeding schedule I will need.

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