Whodat's 'Merica" hybrid ;)


Little better pic. They lost about 1/3 of their weight since yesterday. I am hoping that it slows, but I’ll check again tonight, and may have to bag them. I had the fan on a timer (each click is 30min) for 30min every hour, so I dropped it back to 30min every 6 hrs.


Looks like the evap is slowing down. One stem went from 21 to 14 grams in a day, but only from 14 to 11 today, so I ain’t messing with it.

AND I got a delivery notification that my bubblebags will be her tomorrow, so as soon as the buds are jar-able and I have all those stems and any other trim, we’ll see what happens.


Just read an interesting article where the guy said he dries it to 33% of it’s weight, then starts the curing. He admits that sometimes he has to un-jar them and fluff them up instead of just burping them, to make sure there’s no mold. I’m thinking that the Boveda packs will mitigate that some too.

But the best point he made was about if it gets too dry, while you can “rehydrate” it, it doesn’t fix any harm that may have been done to potency or flavor.

I think that when they hit that 33%, I’ll at least check the rH on a few buds in a jar to see how close it is. If it is within the 60-67% range, he may be on to something.


Had to share…


This morning, every stem was at about 1/2 original weight, give or take. So 33% first day, 17%-ish second day, should be about another 10% by tomorrow. then down to about 33-ish by the following morning. The leaf tips that are still on some buds are still flexible.


This morning They were at or just below 33% of original weight, so I snipped a few of the fattest ones and tossed them in a jar with an Inkbird. After about 30 min in the dark, it was at 67% rH. Spent the next few hours snipping stems (and freezing) then making bubble-hash. They are C-Vault-ed and have fresh Boveda packs. The weight of the buds today was 74g.

Only had 50g dried leaves and trigs, (none of the fat branches included)

The water after the first run. Did it 3 times, with the ige and junk just setting in the work bag in a bowl. 1st and 3rd runds produced about half the total, with the middle run making the bulk of it. I think it just freezing in the ice for a bit did that.

The leftover water (no I didn’t make soup…)

I got just under 5g of hash from just leaf and stem (no mini buds, screw that, I’m smoking them!) and it was about half and half between 2 grades.

Anyway, I’ll probably have one more post with a final weight in a week or so after everything is done.


So the final weight was 64g. It smelled funny after the second day of burping, so I spread it out on a pizza grate for a few hours. It is supremely sticky, and each day when I air it out I pull each nug apart (I just added “nug” to dictionary to stop seeing that damn red line…) and I found that it is mainly the little sugar leaves that do the sticking - for what that’s worth. Now the smell has a slight cross between sweet-skunk and pine…

The hash didn’t lose much weight at all (3.9g), since the “bubble” process includes pressing the water out in a 25 micron mesh (included for your convenience…). It is an 8x8-ish mesh that came with the bubble bags.
My advice for anyone making a similar purchase, especially if it is for home use and it really doesn’t matter between 73micron and 120micron hash, go for the highest quality - smallest set available.

You want a really sturdy “work” bag that has big holes (220-ish micron), then one or two mid-grade bags, then the final 25micron catcher.

I wouldn’t worry about tap water unless yours is really bad, the water wont be there long. If you can do it in winter when the tap water is cold, bonus!

The 25micron pressing/drying mesh they provide is OK, but thinking about the goal (dry keif) I think that smearing your collected hash on a metal mesh would be easier in the long run. I have a HarvestMore Trim-Bin (which is AWESOME!!!) but after buying I found that there are replacement screens, which can be used stand-alone. You can also just buy some metal mesh. Point being, it’ll be easier to clean when dry. You can always press it into a puck later.

Keif and hash should be cured, but unlike flowers have an almost indefinite shelf life - if properly cared for like wine or cigars. The keif from this grow will probably be the last part I use, for that reason, and for the fact that I’ll be collecting more every time I grind a bud. I have a grinder set aside just for this plant. Ordered a new Cosmic Case Super Shredder, the company is awesome, but the design is new, looks like it will be a heck of a lot easier to clean if it works as advertised.


And I plan to have a jar in the freezer to deposit all stem and trim over the next few months.


I also see the bubble bags coming in to use as a fun “I’m watching a movie and might as well stir ice and trim” thing, which is why I recommended going for quality. Mine are from ZenHydro. They are well constructed, looks like durable canvas for the bags, silicone (or something) lined on the inside.

My only issue is their sizing compared to the buckets I have on hand (pool chlorine buckets). Snug. I did have a 5 gallon square bucket that they fit in easily, but there were wrinkles. I am from NOLA though, and have a large pot for boiling seafood outside. This allowed plenty of room for the bags to expand, and worked well. I think that a set of stackable plastic bowls with screens would be best for home use. I saw an electric agitator online for way too much money (good idea for a DIY project, stand-by) but the replacement bowls for it might be perfect if they are durable.
Here is the “trim-bin”


Last nugget of wisdom from this grow. I have a piece of thick, tempered glass that I use under any weed-work. It was a shelf I think, but it takes a beating. Has holes drilled in it and everything.

Anyway… after fluffing up and separating the curing buds I touched aforementioned glass. when I saw the sticky fingerprint, I touched the glass a few more times, with purpose. After about a dozen “fingerprint-roll’s” I had a good deal of finger-hash on the glass.

I then “dusted” them like the cops on those 70’s cop shows, but with a little keif! Scraped it up with a blade.


An update to the “final” weight, and an endorsement for the Boveda packs.

Sealed, with a large pack inside, they have lost another 8g of moisture, with no sign of mold, and they now fluff easier, not as much need to pull the nugs apart.

With the pack removed, they are a steady 62%, so I think my weight is as close to final as it’ll get. I have exactly 2oz now.


In answer to your Question, (I know it took a while) I am sitting in my new house on 2 acres of land with no neighbors close and a brand new grow room ready to start my ILGM super skunk plants :slight_smile:


Woohoo ready to take off


I put a 2x4 and plywood raised floor, slanted a little towards the door for drainage, and have a sheet of vinyl on the floor with about a 1" lip around the edge. got a 10-pack of survival blankets for $5 and used that for the walls.


Fantastic @Whodat66 I’m excited to watch you grow bigger and better! Is outdoor growing in your future?


I’ve been thinking about it, but while I’m fairly rural - it ain’t worth losing a house over - too risky.


Awesome news. I’m looking forward to keeping my eyes :eyes: on you. Give yourself time to learn about your neighbors and your area. You might be able to try a couple of outdoor plants next year with some strategic landscaping and/or gardens as camouflage. :hugs:


If they ever make it legal here I will definitely try outside, but I’m thinking the plants wouldn’t like the 90+ degree days in summer - or the shade from the ginormous oaks on my land :slight_smile:


I am thinking more along your method of KISS. If I can grow 3 plants in my closet, I have another light I can set up another veg-room and keep a rotation going. I have a PD about 2 miles away, and live on a corner - but it’s just me in a 3br house so I can afford to make a whole room for growing if I want. But I don’t need that much and I ain’t selling it anyway, sooo.


Sounds like a good plan. And I agree! Follow your instincts. You know your situation and what your needs are. It’s easy to get caught up in “growing frenzy” and end up with more than you need & possibly more problems. I’m happy that you have thought about this and you’re staying true to yourself :hugs: