Who remembers getting bags like this?

Ha. Deseeding my spinach and had a flash back to when this was the normal mexi press I got back in the 90’s in so Cali.

Enjoy that flash?


Bad memories! I’m hanging with Reggie right now too, but not as trashy as that.

It’ll be May before I can have my own again. :cry: Funds have been really tight, but I’m hoping to get back to something better next week.

That stuff really makes you appreciate what you grow yourself!!!..


I could get $120 ounces that do nothing but drop seeds and leave twigs, and the smoke sucks…but it is what it is, better than nothing!


I have seen that in some time but remember those days well
Can’t say I miss them much


it’s plain sad…you’d find what looked like an ok bud…then start breaking it apart and seeds fell…lots…and there was the branch I mean twig…and the weed, and it was weed, tasted lousy, sometimes a flavor I’d call “Swamp Rot” and the quality, well, there was no quality.


and I’d buy it!

then I started growing ILGM seeds and haven’t looked back


Around here the taste is hard to get past. They must be packing it with pepper to get it past the dogs!

Pepper has become a common name that I use when talking about that substandard garbage. I’ve been smoking less lately. Not because I need it less. The taste is bad enough that I smoke as little as I can!!!

I can’t wait until I’m still soaring but still want to hit it again because it taste so damn good!!!

A couple more months…


for taste I really recommend a vaporizer…it doesn’t burn the mmj, it just heats it to release the flavor and the THC and other cannabinoids.

a much healthier alternative to smoking…I pack a bowl for mine and sit there for 20-30 minutes, till the flavor and vapor are all gone…and I am good!


I’ve tried the vapes before on a couple different occasions and don’t care for it. For some reason I always detect a metallic/chemical undertone that I find unpleasant.

Not too worried about a healthier method as I smoke close to two packs of cigarettes a day. Lol

I like to taste the herb along with all the different flavor profiles that come with it. Increasing the flavor from my buds is what led me here in my search to improve my grows. I haven’t looked back since! :wink:

Thanks for trying to offer a solution for me though…


I’m in agreement with @FloridaSon I tried a couple different types and wasn’t happy with the results it’s been a while though maybe 3or 4 years and maybe the technology has gotten better


I also have tried the vape pen ATM it sits on the bench inside still packed and sat there for last two months , I pick it up every now and then ,

My friend had a 1/2 lb that was moved across the boarder in the top half of a half filled truck’s gas tank. If you put it in water it would make rainbow puddles. Smoked surprisingly well though.


when I use my table top, a christmas gift to me from me a few years back (bought off eBay), the feeling is more like after eating my cannabutter cookies, a more sedated feeling I dunno, I’ll experiment after lunch today (from the Chinese restaurant my wife and I built yesterday, inside joke :wink: @Countryboyjvd1971 )



Hahahaha is that set up inside restaurant
That looks like a nice one I didn’t try one like that for sure what’s the brand and $ amount please kind sir
So you pull off it like a hooka ?

That’s a little scary @Fever


Arizer brand, they have a .com to get details, not pushing this brand it’s the only one I have experience with…I got mine off ebay at $150ish years ago.

yep, like a hookah.

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That doesn’t sound very healthy man

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hawkeye_diesel I was 19 lol I’m 40 now.

Oh ok haha disregard then

@Fever I got a pound of that stuff. Flat as hell and a true diesel smell

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