Who pooped on my plant?

First day of week 5 into flower.
I noticed some entrails on one of my leaves.
I looked high and low, but couldn’t find the culprit.
I was leaning towards a caterpillar, but their poop is a bit more clumpy and not as tarry in my past experience.
Can anyone identify the pest with certainty?

All through veg I sprayed Spinosad and Neem on intervals, but I stopped once buds started forming in week 2. I really don’t like to spray the buds, so if anyone has any other preventative/control methods for flower besides spraying and manual removal, please share. Thank you!!!


Food grade de and washing after harvest is your best bet
Removing that leaf is in your best interest


I am confused on what you are trying to tell me?


What @Countryboyjvd1971 was trying to telling you is to use food grade DE if you don’t want to spray anything on your buds, DE is for Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade like this

You sprinkle a bit on your plant with it. Insect Pest don’t like walk, crawl or make any travel on DE, it’s like they walk on breaking glasses.

Spinosad can be use safely until 1-2 weeks before harvest.

And washing your harvest. It’s best if you give a bath of water with a bit of hydrogen peroxide in it, like this

It’s for washing any residue of all kind, not only powder mildew, and prevent any dropping that you’ll may miss to cause bud rot during the curing processus and to avoid bad pathogens that dropping may have held.

It’s for your safety.

For the dropping identification, well, no body can do it with “certitude”, even the best entomologist can’t, without lab analysis.

You even don’t specify in what region in the USA you are living in… It would help a bit, but not that much anyway, lol :wink:

I have studied in Bioecology and Applied Ecology, so I know what I’m talking about.

So, I only can guess that’s maybe a cockroach or\and a thumbtack droppings, but without lab analysis, it’s a “Hail Mary” guess.

It could be something totally unexpected like a vole or a field mouse, check for “munchies”, eat away scars…, who knows… 9i4o

In hope that’s helping you a bit, don’t hesitate to ask further questions, @BayPros

~Al :v: :innocent:


I’m currently dealing with budworms on my 2 outdoor Chemdawg plants. They’re each over 6’ tall & massive. Going over each branch & bud takes hours every morning but I used Bt last week & it appears to be starting to work.

This is my budworm shotglass, I fill it with rubbing alcohol & let the caterpillars drown in it!

I’m growing my first plant and I noticed the first one last Monday. I’m 9 days from harvest! I spent 3 hours last night searching and cleaning their poop and only got about 6 of them. But they ranged in size from a quarter of an inch to an inch so I know there’s more. I’m thinking of going to Home Depot to grab some BT. Not sure if it’s to late for the BT though. I was trying different ways of killing them last night. I tried vinegar, cinnamon and salt. The white vinegar seemed to work the best. But the hated the cinnamon and tried to get away from it asap. My plant is no where as big as yours but it was doing great and I’m so upset by this. I can’t imagine how you feel and I hope all that hard work pays off. I’ve read different things about washing for outdoor plants? Do you plan on washing and if so what does that entail? The first 2 pics are before I noticed them and the other is after, you can see the poop :face_vomiting: The plant still looks okay but not as good as she used to. I just don’t know what to do, I was tempted to sprinkle cinnamon all over her last night!, I uploaded the pics completely wrong, she doesn’t look like this anymore but still looks okay image|374x500

image image