Who likes hot peppers?




Grew these last season and loved them. Got two big harvests from the same plants. One in early summer and the peppers were mild and one in early fall and the peppers were spicy.

I’ve never seen peppers do that-love it! I hope you’re planning to use grove bags for your cure. It looks like you’re going to need all the canning jars you can find for that garden! :wink:

An old timer farmer once told me that if your peppers are growing straight up they’re going to be very hot. Usually he was referring to the banana peppers or Hungarian wax.


Yep I have one grove bag and rest is in mason jars with bodiva packs and holding at 58-60%RH kinda weird that the grove bag held humidity a lot longer than the jars even though I put less in it mabye a 1/4oz in a 1oz bag, been curing about a week still has a little bit of that hay smell to it so I’ve been burping once a day since the RH is holding steady now

Mini hydrometers in the bag and all the jars, so far 1 plant cut and 5 more still not ready to chop yet

Atm I have about 150 mason jars on hand for the garden and I pick up more as well as new lids every time I see them in the store

I did find some watermelons on the vines yesterday as well as cantaloupes, probably about 15-20 of each so far


That’s awesome haha my hot cherry peppers are all straight up as well I’ve always seen those hanging down once they got to about half size there all upright too right next to those Hungarian hot wax’s

Sweet Banana peppers are all hanging down as normal


oh no :hot_face:

Well, no garden pics today but I did have a harvest lol, not bad for my first go, 4 more plants still standing


One of my favorites! Picked my first two ripe ones last week.

Thanks a bunch guys. This thread just ate half my likes…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. Ill put up a pic of veggies in Earth Dust when sun rises. Shocked they are doing so well in my climate atm.


Peppers tomatoes and potatoes.


My red hot chilis and red cherries are also standing up straight but not the cayenne.


It’s weird that this year I know 2 other people who’s hot peppers are standing up kinda odd, mabye because it’s been so dry I’ve also heard that increases the heat as well

Heyyy look who decided to pop it’s head out, first full size habanero, now just gotta wait for it to ripen up lol

And damn these Hungarian hot wax’s are overtaking the plants :joy::joy:, I’m loving this permaculture style of growing, no neuts or ferts just straight water, so much easier


Over 100 every day. Veggies holding on like bosses.


How’s everyone’s gardens coming along???

Just canned up about 10 jars of hot banana wax and jalapeños mixed with onion, (about 1.5 bushels of peppers) then have made a bout 12 jars of pickles so far lol, gotta go out and see what else is ready today


What do you do with them when you harvest them? Use raw in food or do you dry and save them?

My plan for my habaneros is to use the dehydrator until crisp then grind in a coffee grinder so shake on stuff, I just made fresh pasta sauce from a 40 tomato harvest, made some homemade pasta and bread to go with it, turned out awesome. Was great showing my daughter how a whole meal (minus flour) can come from your own garden she loved it, besides the 8 hours I cooked the sauce down. But my wife and kids all loved it and wanted me to make a ton of it and can it up so that’ll be our canned pasta sauce


@Mikedin Sorry for the delayed response. Been traveling. Dried pepper flakes is a great idea! I may try that this year since I have a lot of chilis. I like to pickle my chilis in vinegar with a little salt. The vinegar gets a little spice that I use for marinades and dressing. I then use the pickled chilis as sandwich toppers or chop them up and mix them into my pasta. This is also my first year growing hot cherry peppers. Think I’m going to try making an Italian style vinegar pepper with them. Once ready I’ll fry them up with some potatoes and meat. :drooling_face:

Fresh tomato sauce is the best. I don’t typically make it since I have relatives who make huge batches and can it for us.


Hot cherry peppers are kinda picky (my favorite peppers) I have some that are perfect heat, and others that are nearly heatless, I like stuffing them with Asiago and hot salami etc or just pack them with cream cheese, me and the wife just lay in the bed watching movies eating whole plates of them haha

Yeah I brine the peppers for 16 hours (normal bone solution) then rinse that off and jar it up and add my boiling salt / vinegar mixture then seal them up /water bath etc

Just did 8 quarts of tomatoes almost time for another 8-10 quarts judging by what’s ready on the plants already again lol