Who is using Otopots/ dirt-hydro hybrid systems


I was in a grow shop and the owner introduced my to this system where basically the dirt is in a bag and it sits in a cone submerged into water. there is a website and the concept is interesting and I like the idea that its clean and self contained. but I havent really found anyone using them. my main question is in regard to feeding.Ive purchased a general hydroponics go box for food. do I use the feed schedule on the box? do I feed directly in the tank or through the dirt? this is my first grow and I have (2) deathstar and (3) white russian that are about 5 weeks old that i have just replanted into these pots.any help or advice is appreciated,


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I’m pretty sure since it’s an hydroponic grow in the main part, that’s gone a be a tank/reservoir feeding, however, @Nug-bug called the expert in this domain :+1::innocent:

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Would like to see a picture of your setup… :wink:

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DWC-soil? Keep in mind that anything with soil is not a hydro system, as hydro implies soil-less, interesting concept though. I probably should have, but I haven’t seen them. I currently use DIY Soil-Aero, with nutrients at full strength, although you might want to cut the strength on the directions a bit based on what the plants tell you. Are you planning on a specific type of soil? I would mix any nutrients with the sump or tank, to get an even mix. I’ll definitely be following this grow! Please post pictures, sounds awesome :slight_smile:


here is a link to the site for the grow system im using. also here are pics of my setup


Pretty cool , I’ve never seen those , but I make a system that’s similar to that… wouldn’t be able to tell you which one is better mine or that one , but they’re about the same… if I was using that system I would probably put a good organic soil with good powderd nutrients in the soil and just use good pH water in the chamber below but that’s just me… :wink:

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peachfuzz…how long have you been growing this way? im guessing you have had good success? im using happy frog soil, I just planted them into the pots 2 days ago ( I can almost see them growing) I purchased some general hydroponics nutrients, I dont plan on feeding them for a week or so… over the next couple days I will be adding scrog screens.


Where did you get your makeshift containers from?


these are he containers I use with a netty pot and 5 gallon cloth bag. the container and lid are sold separately.
at the webstaurantstore


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