Who is this guy

I had about 50 or so of these guys crawling around last week on the plants and on top of the soil. I hit them with a liberal dose of neem oil and today I found this guy apparently on his own. I have searched to identify him without any luck… does anyone know what he is? And if so, the best way to treat, although the neem seemed to work well but may need another dose. I have some spinosad arriving today but after I ordered it I read further discussions about BTi so I may order that as I believe I can add it directly into my watering routine and not affect the taste and smell of the buds???

3-gallon grow bags, Happy Frog soil, good LED light rated for 4 x 2, 18 - 6 hr light, Amnesia feminized autos in the eighth week.

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I call them “stink bugs” not sure what the actual name for them are. The one thing I know is, if you smash them they put off a horrendous odor. Not sure if they are harmful to plants. But just based on their offensive smell they should be eliminated with extreme prejudice. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Is he a juvenile? The stink bugs I have seen are usually a little bigger and are flat whereas this guy is “bulbous” if that’s a word. I did have a stink bug like the one you pictured a few weeks ago.

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May be, when I saw your pic I immediately thought of stink bugs. I got my deck umbrella out of storage and had several residing in the folds. So it’s possible that it may be another type of bug.

Yep, I think you are correct, here is an image of their different stages!


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I’m also curious if they will do damage to plants, later tonight I’ll do a little research to see what I can find.

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Those don’t look like our Stink Bugs. Ours will munch on the leaves and fruits. So yes is the answer to your question they can munch. :+1:


We get those, then these fxxxin annoying monsters…

Have you tried Jack’s dead bug spray? Can use it during a stages.

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