Who is ready for Trumps speech!



Who is ready for LEGALIZATION! Lets hear a H3** YEAH!
Tonight! Lets do this people the push for legalization is real!

(It won’t happen,…but the thought makes me feel much better)


You would want decrimilazation not legalisation. That’s how they get you.


As long as I can grow my own I’ll be happy for the most part. But I’m convinced they’ll screw up something somehow.


What’s up @Noctis420 ? How ya been bro?


Hey @Wishingilivedina420state doing pretty good how about you?


What do you mean? I mean it as take it off the Schedule 1 Drug list
@Dieselgrower so it is compared to caffeine


I was saying I want decrimilazation over legalization. It is a plant shouldn’t need a law for it Haha


I agree completely! @Dieselgrower


“It’s just a plant. But should you so happen to set it on fire…”


if the government is involved…


Weedified speech