Who invited him to my party?

Well, I guess I found a male, or it hermied (found out the wife was turning on and off the light in the morning, smh.
Today is the first signs I have seen and I check them regularly. Do you think it has given my girls penis poisoning yet, or did I catch it in time?

I guess my other question is on the validity of the statement “males tend to grow taller” because this one is actually half the size of the others

You’re screwed. But might wait for another opinion or two.

Let me rephrase @Dexterado
Do you think it has opened and pollinated my 3 other females?

Yes it’s male.
Doesn’t look like those balls popped yet you caught it early enough.

It’s true Males are taller except for when they aren’t. :wink:

I don’t see any female flowers on that plant in the pic so it might just be a straight up male

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Doesn’t look like they’ve popped open yet.

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Sadly its a male. At least the flowers isn’t open yet. From my experience a male tends to be way more aggressive growing.

I had 3 Landrace Tora Bora going. The male
was over 3 times the height of the females.

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I wasn’t surprised with a male honestly. 1 male and 5 females out of 6 random seeds made me happy enough. Oddly this was a runt, way smaller and slower then the females. I just hope I caught it in time because the females are in flower

I would put a garbage bag over him carefully. Then take out of the grow tent and or outside. I didn’t see any male flowers opened.

Then before going back in take a shower and change clothes. Because the pollen will cover everything if opened.


Agree 100p can’t be too careful

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He has been quarantined!

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